1997 was a hard year for everyone, with the passing of Sandra's father, and we spent two months in Sweden that year.  We spent July and part of August, and then we returned for our first Christmas together.  We celebrated Anna's 19th birthday, and spent the New Year there.  

New Year's Eve was fun, but I got really sick.  That was made a bit better when Sandra had to clean it up!  However, New Year's day was misery.  Too bad, too, since Grandma and Mamma Kicki had made up a great feast for us.  We also ate well at Christmas, with a smorgasbord of all kinds of food, including some things I had never tried before, such as Eel, Pig's Feet, and some things I still don't know what they were.  Christmas time was wonderful, though, and I can't wait to return again.  Though this year was difficult for us all, I think it also provided us with a bonding experience, and we never felt closer as a family.

This page will offer you some photos of both our trips there in 1997.  For more photos of us in Eskilstuna/Torshälla, click on the links at left.  To begin the slide show, click on "Next Image" below.