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Hawaii:  Land of Liberty
by Jody Sullivan and Jon Schlegel
64 pages, 2003

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Featured Titles:

Angel Walker Hawaii: The Aloha State Hawaii: This Land Is Your Land
by Faith and Vincent James Richardson by Robin S. Doak by Anne Heinrichs
184 pages, 2003 48 pages, 2003 48 pages, 2003
Hawaii: From Sea to Shining Sea Life in a Rain Forest:
Ecosystems in Action
by P.J. Neri, Melissa Matusevich, and Dave Del Rocco by Brad Burnham by Anne Welsbacher
80 pages, 2003 24 pages, 2003 72 pages, 2003
Luka's Quilt High Tide in Hawaii Sisterchicks Do The Hula
by Georgia Guback by Mary Pope Osborne by Robin Jones Gunn
32 pages, 1994 96 pages, 2003 280 pages, 2003
Island Boyz The Island-below-the-Star Lord of the Deep
by Graham Salisbury by James Rumford by Graham Salisbury
288 pages, 2002 32 pages, 1998 192 pages, 2001
Fables from the Sea A is for Aloha Punia and the King of the Sharks:
A Hawaiian Folk Tale
by Leslie Ann Hayashi by Stephanie Feeney by Lee Wardlaw
39 pages, 2000 64 pages, 1985 32 pages, 1997

Kaiulani: The People's Princess Hawaii is a Rainbow Pele and the Rivers of Fire
by Ellen Emerson White by Stephanie Feeney by Michael Nordenstrom
237 pages, 2001 64 pages, 1985 32 pages, 2002
The Volcano of Doom Sumorella The Boxcar Children:
The Black Pearl Mystery
by Sigmund Brouwer by Sandi Takayama by Gertrude Chandler Warner
128 pages, 2002 24 pages, 1997 121 pages, 1998
I Had a Dollar in Hawaii Moki and the Magic Surfboard:
A Hawaiian Fantasy
Aloha from Hawaii
by Jodi Endicott by Bruce Hale by Bonnie Warren
32 pages, 1999 1996 24 pages, 1987
Hide & Seek in Hawaii Mahealani and the King of Hawaii Shark Man of Kapu Bay
by Jane Hopkins by Rianna Williams by P.J. Neri
2000 103 pages, 1996 95 pages, 1997
A Dolphin Day in Hawaii Tsunami:
Monster Waves
A Book
by Dennis Asato by Mary Dodson Wade by Ron Knapp
50 pages, 1999 48 pages, 2002 48 pages, 2002
Aloha Summer Hawaii Island Legends: Pikoi, Pele and Others Flight of the Golden Plover
by Bill Wallace by Mary Pukui,
Caroline Curtis
by Debbie Miller
204 pages, 1997 250 pages, 1996 32 pages, 1996