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Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawaii: Stories of Aloha to Create Paradise Wherever You Are
by Jack Canfield, et al.
350 pages, 2003

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Featured Titles:

The Aloha Shirt:
Spirit of the Islands
Na Lei Makamae: The Treasured Lei
by Dale Hope by Vicky Fleming by Marie A. McDonald, Paul R. Weissich, and Jean Cote
228 pages, 2000 96 pages, 2004 200 pages, 2003
Kahuna Healing:
Holistic Health and Healing Practices of Polynesia
Mana Cards:
The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom
Aloha Spirit:
Hawaiian Art & Popular Design
by Serge Kahili King by Catherine Becker, Daya Nardin by Douglas Congdon-Martin
1983 195 pages, 1998 192 pages, 1998
Urban Shaman Na Mea Makamae:
Hawaiian Treasures
The Aloha Shirt:
Spirit of the Islands
by Serge Kahili King by David Young by Dale Hope
256 pages, 1990 120 pages, 1999 228 pages, 2000
The Legends and Myths of Hawaii Hawaiian Magic & Spirituality The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii
by David Kalakaua by Scott Cunningham, Jessica Thorenson by Pila Chiles
530 pages, 1972 231 pages, 2000 1995
The Fine Art Photography of Kim Taylor Reece
The Lessons of Aloha:
Stories of Human Spirit
Hawaiian Lei Making:
A Step-by-Step Guide
96 pages, 1999 by Brother Noland by Laurie Shimizu Ide
144 pages, 1999 1998
True Stories of the Island Spirit
Hawaii's Seeds and Seed Leis:
An Identification Guide
Star Mana:
The Healing Energies of Hawaii
by Rick & Marcie Carroll by Laurie Shimizu Ide by Paul Konweiser, George Kahumoku, Jr.
375 pages, 1999 120 pages, 2000 128 pages, 2000
Aloha Attire:
Hawaiian Dress in the Twentieth Century
Famous Songs of Hawaii Culture and Educational Policy in Hawaii:
The Silencing of Native Voices
by Linda B. Arthur by Ronald Heck, et al.
192 pages, 1999 96 pages, 1987 261 pages, 1998
Hawaiian Games Jan Ken Po:
The World of Hawaii's Japanese Americans
Native Use of Fish in Hawaii
by Philip Geh by Dennis Ogawa by Margaret Titcomb
370 pages, 1994 196 pages, 1978 188 pages, 1982
Folk Dances of Hawaii Practical Folk Medicine of Hawaii The Story of Lauhala
by Vivian L. Thompson by L.R. McBride by Edna Williamson Stall
36 pages, 2000 104 pages, 1975 62 pages, 2000
The Call to Hawaii:
A Wellness Vacation Guidebook
The 1.5 Generation: Becoming Korean American in Hawaii
by Viveka Vellupillai by Laura and Betsy Crites by Mary Yu Danico
232 pages, 2003 400 pages, 2003 208 pages, 2004
The Remittance Behavior of Immigrant Households: Micronesians in Hawaii and Guam Law & Empire in the Pacific: Fiji and Hawaii
by Elizabeth Grieco by Sally Engle Merry and Donald Lawrence Brenneis
214 pages, 2003 2003