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I Myself Have Seen It: The Myth of Hawai`i
by Susanna Moore
192 pages, 2003

Here you'll find books that provide a real insight to the history of life on the islands of Hawaii.  You'll notice the absence of books on Pearl Harbor.  We figured that it was more relevant to U.S. history than the formation of the island culture.  If you want to find books on Pearl Harbor, click here.  Otherwise, click on a title below for more information.  We offer 128-bit SSL encryption for secure on-line purchases through, the world's largest online book store.

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Featured Titles:

From a Native Daughter:
Colonialism and Sovereignty in Hawaii
Consciousness Transformed:
1963/1964 Hawaii Hotel Talks
To Steal A Kingdom:
Probing Hawaiian History
by Haunani-Kay Trask by Joel S. Goldsmith by Michael Dougherty
240 pages, 1999 611 pages, 1998 246 pages, 2000
A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen Hawaii:
A History
by Dr. Phil Barnes by Liliu'okalani by Ruth Tabrah
88 pages, 1999 1991 233 pages, 1984
Land and Power in Hawaii:
The Democratic Years
Women of Hawaii Hawaii:
True Stories of the Island Spirit
by George Cooper, Gavan Daws by Pegge Hopper by Rick & Marcie Carroll
528 pages, 1990 112 pages, 2002 375 pages, 1999
cover cover
Sugar Town:
Hawaii Plantation Days Remembered
Hawaii Chronicles II:
Contemporary Hawaiian History From the Pages of Honolulu Magazine
Hawaii Looking Back
by Yasushi Kurisu by Bob Dye, David Pellegrin by Glen Grant, Bennett Hymer
112 pages, 2000 369 pages, 1997 453 pages, 2000
The Royal Legacy
Hawaii's Glamour Days Kodomo No Tame Ni:
For the Sake of the Children: The Japanese-American Experience in Hawaii
by Allan Seiden by Maili Yardley by Dennis Ogawa
192 pages, 1992 152 pages, 1996 644 pages, 1980
A Call for Hawaiian Sovereignty The Peopling of Hawaii Firsts and Almost Firsts in Hawaii
by Keoni Agard by Eleanor Nordyke by Robert Schmitt
188 pages, 1983 364 pages, 1989 264 pages, 1995
Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii
Kingship and Sacrifice:
Ritual and Society in Ancient Hawaii
Hanahana: An Oral History Anthology of Hawaii's Working People
by Yukiko Kimura by Valerio Valeri by Cynthia Oshiro, et al.
308 pages, 1992 484 pages, 1985 200 pages, 1995
Malamalama: A History of the University of Hawai'i The Ilse:
1st Generation Korean Immigrants in Hawaii, 1903-1973
Hawaiki, Ancestral Polynesia : An Essay in Historical Anthropology
by Robert M. Kamins, et al. by Wayne Patterson by Patrick Vinton Kirch,
Roger C. Green
359 pages, 1998 288 pages, 2000 384 pages, 2001
Hawaii Looking Back No Sword to Bury: Japanese Americans in Hawai'I During World War II
by Glen Grant, Bennett Hymer by Franklin Odo by Tom Coffman
328 pages, 2003 370 pages, 2003
Tomorrow's Memories: A Diary, 1924-1928 The Koreans in Hawai'I: A Pictorial History, 1903-2003 Kahana: How the Land Was Lost
by Angeles Monrayo and Rizaline Raymundo by Roberta Chang and Wayne Patterson by Robert H. Stauffer
296 pages, 2003 248 pages, 2003 256 pages, 2003
by Juri Mykkanen  
264 pages, 2003