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The Oahu Snorkelers and Shore Divers Guide
by Francisco B. de Carvalho
168 pages, 2003

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Featured Titles:

Hiker's Guide to O'ahu Day Hikes on Oahu:
57 Great Hikes
Exploring Haunama Bay
by Stuart M. Ball Jr. by Robert Stone by Susan Scott
368 pages, 2000 128 pages, 3rd Edition, 2001 96 pages, 1994

Oahu Trails: Walks, Strolls and Treks on the Capital Isle The Snorkeler's Guide to the Coral Reef Lonely Planet:
Diving & Snorkeling Hawaii
by Kathy Morey by Paddy Ryan,
Peter Atkinson
by Casey & Astrid Mahaney
200 pages, 1999 184 pages, 1994 144 pages, 2000
Best Dives' Snorkeling Adventures All Stings Considered:
First Aid and Medical Treatment of Hawaii's Marine Injuries
Diving Hawaii
by John & Joyce Huber by Craig Thomas, Susan Scott by Steve Rosenberg
230 pages, 2nd Edition, 2000 248 pages, 1997 128 pages, 1995
Snorkel Bob's Reality Guide to Hawaii Hawaii Underwater:
The World Below
Diving Hawaii and Midway:
A Guide to the Aloha State's Best Diving
by Snorkel Bob, Robert Wintner VHS Videocassette by Mike & Pauline Severns
254 pages, 1997 30 minutes 256 pages, 2002
Modern Hawaiian Gamefishing Hawaii By Bike:
20 Tours Geared For Discovery
Mountain Biking the Hawaiian Islands
by Jim Rizzuto by Nadine Slavinski by Kathy Morey
268 pages 207 pages, 1995 300 pages, 3rd Edition, 2002
Hawaii's Best Hiking Trails Camping Hawaii:
A Complete Guide
The Hiker's Guide to the Hawaiian Islands
by Robert Smith, Kevin Chard by Richard McMahon by Stuart M. Ball, Jr.
320 pages, 1999 272 pages, 1997 298 pages, 2000
Extreme Adventures:
Surfing Hawaii:
The Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Challenging Waves
Surfer's Guide to Hawaii
by Brad Olsen by Leonard & Lorca Lueras by Greg Ambrose
238 pages, 1998 302 pages, 2001 160 pages, 1977
Hawaii's Trails:
Walks, Strolls, and Treks on
Wave Finder: Hawaii A Runner's Guide to Oahu
by Kathy Morey by Larry Blair, Buzzy Kerbox, Cheyne Horan by Richard W. Varley
272 pages, 2nd Edition, 2002 366 pages, 2003 152 pages, 2004

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