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Mens Soccer Shoes
Soccer Cleats

Welcome to the Soccer Shoes Super Store! Here you can find one of the web's best selections of mens soccer shoes, including clearance sales, on sale soccer cleats, and discounted prices on the top brands of soccer shoes.  We've got them all, Adidas Soccer Shoes, Nike, Soccer Shoes, Reebok Soccer Shoes, Fila Soccer Shoes, New Balance Soccer Shoes, Diadora Soccer Shoes, Puma Soccer Shoes, Kelme Soccer Shoes, and much more.  Whether you call them Soccer Shoes, Soccer Cleats, Football Cleats, Football Boots, Soccer Boots, or Football Shoes, we've got what you're looking for!  What's more, is that we offer Free Shipping AND Free Return Shipping on most orders!


These pages contain only Men's Soccer Cleats.  For Indoor Soccer Shoes, Childrens / Kids Soccer Shoes, Women's Soccer Shoes, and more, click on the links at left!

We understand that you might not have a preferred brand of mens soccer shoes, so we've also split up our selection by price range for your convenience.  For example, if you're just looking to spend as little as possible for a pair of soccer shoes to get you started, then you would visit our "Under $30" page and work your way up until you found the right soccer shoes for you.  On the other hand, if you are looking for the best soccer cleats that money can buy, you'd start at our "Over $130" category and work your way down until you found the soccer shoes you were looking for. 

Mens Soccer Cleats by Price

Soccer Shoes Under $30
Soccer Shoes from $30-$40
Soccer Shoes from $40-$50
Soccer Shoes from $50-$70
Soccer Shoes from $70-$100
Soccer Shoes from $100-$130
Soccer Shoes over $130

Mens Soccer Cleats by Brand

Adidas Soccer Shoes

Adidas is undoubtedly the industry leader in Soccer shoes and gear.  Since 1929, they have been world renowned for producing the highest quality soccer gear, and have outfitted countless professional and world cup players with their professional quality gear. 

Atletica Soccer Shoes

Made in Mexico, Atletica Soccer Shoes are an excellent bargain for those looking for a good shoe, different from everyone else, for a reasonable price.  These shoes are not widely distributed outside of Mexico, but are available here.

Diadora Soccer Shoes

Since 1948, Italian-made Diadora has been a pioneer of the European market, collaborating with such famous soccer greats as Roberto Baggio.  Now available in the United States, Sandra has always favored Diadora as her choice of Soccer shoes.

FILA Soccer Shoes

Since 1911, Italian-made FILA has been making and manufacturing textiles for the European market.  In 1973, they entered the world of sport, and began making shoes and accessories for Tennis, Soccer, Biking, and other sports.   Today, FILA is sold in over 70 countries around the world, and is a name recognized the world over.  From the professional-level Adesso to the entry level Forza, FILA shoes cover the soccer spectrum.

Hummel Soccer Shoes

Denmark-based Hummel is perhaps the world's oldest continuous manufacturer of Soccer Shoes, starting production in 1923.  Endorsements by such players as Henning Jensen, Allen Simonsen, and Frank Arnesen started Hummel on the road to world prominence.  Unlike other shoe makers, Hummel is a Soccer Shoe company first and sportswear company second.  They claim to make the finest soccer shoes in the world, focusing on the upper end of the market.

Joma Soccer Shoes

Spanish-made Joma Soccer Shoes are, of course, hugely popular in the competitive Spanish league.  They are the choice of many top players, but are only very recently available in the United States.

Lotto Soccer Shoes

Italian Shoemaker Lotto is relatively new to the soccer scene, making their first soccer shoe in the 1980s.  However, their growth has been phenomenal, thanks to endorsements by superstars such as top scorer Andriy Shevchenko, World Cup-winning Brazil team captain, Cafu, and Clarence Seedorf, the star Dutch player.  Lotto now sells soccer shoes in over 80 countries around the world.

Kelme Soccer Shoes

Spanish-made Kelme is a high-performance football boot that is used by such soccer stars as Antonio Reyes and Victor Sanchez, and is on the rise in the United States.  Kelme is a fast mover in the world of soccer shoes.

New Balance Soccer Shoes

A giant in the footwear industry, New Balance dabbled in the Soccer Shoe market, but seems to have now backed out.  Their small selection of shoes are available for discounted prices, as stores close them out.  Although discontinued, they offer world-renown New Balance reputation and quality.

Nike Soccer Shoes

Headquartered in our backyard, Beaverton, Oregon, Nike is the world leader in sportswear.  Due to an intense marketing campaign and the endorsements of the top-tier superstar athletes, Nike has become the choice of many top soccer stars including Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos.

Puma Soccer Shoes

Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, Puma is one of the premier brands in world soccer.  Since 1924, Puma has delivered world-class performance to the world football community. 

Reebok Soccer Shoes

Since their founding in 1890, UK-based Reebok has grown into one of the premier footwear manufacturers in the world.  While historically, their focus has been related to running and fitness, the 1990s spawned a refocusing of Reebok to team sports.  Today, with such star endorsements as Shaquille O'Neal and Allen Iverson, they are known world-wide.

Spot Bilt Soccer Shoes

American-made Spot Bilt has been making shoes continuously since 1898. Their soccer shoes are targeted toward the entry-level market.

Zephz Soccer Shoes

Zephz is a new player on the scene, only entering the market in 1999.  Made in the USA, Zephz is becoming a big player in the youth soccer and entry-level market.

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