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This portion of our site is dedicated to topics related to Psychology. You will be able to view information regarding my undergraduate experience, education and resources, and numerous links involving topics of Psychology. If you looking for a particular book, check out our our extensive Psychology Bookstore, organized by the different fields of the profession, If you want information about what you can do with a degree in Psychology, please visit our Why Psychology? page.

Washington State University

I started the Bachelor of Science undergraduate program at WSU-Vancouver in Fall of 1999. The degree requirements included a variety of classes such as statistics, research methods, clinical psychology, motivation, perception, developmental psychology, cognition and memory, etc. Since WSU-Vancouver is a fairly small campus, there were plenty of opportunities to get involved in department activities and research, plus it provided an intimate atmosphere where close interaction with professors was a likelihood. I was invited to be the Psychology Club and Psi Chi President, which was a great deal of fun. Not only was I able to meet a lot of great people, but I was also able to keep myself updated with psychology news and campus activities. My experience with the faculty members at  WSU was great, as I was able to be involved in conducting research with four professors. Overall, I think the program helped me prepare well for graduate studies and I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to interact with the professors and fellow students. The Psychology department at WSU should be very proud of its instructional quality and its fantastic faculty. I simply had a wonderful undergraduate experience. If a professor can make a math-disliking  student  into a statistics nerd, than she must be doing something right... (Thank You, Tahira!)

As my undergraduate years were coming to an end, I was sure that I wanted to continue my education, specifically pursuing a degree in Clinical Psychology. However, I was not sure if I was ready to commit to 5-7 years of further schooling, so, needless to say, I explored  a couple of other options. I was informed about the Masters in Social Work degree (MSW), and when I  began to do some research about some of the programs across the US, I realized that my future goals could be satisfied by only 2 years of graduate school, which of course worked out to be perfect. The application process can be long and tedious, however I found some steps that helped me when looking for schools and preparing for application submittal. To view this information, visit our Application for Psychology Graduate School Slide Show.  Unfortunately, I never applied to any Psychology program, however I learned a lot weighing the options that I had in deciding which program to apply for. I decided to go the MSW route because I would be able to conduct therapy with children and adolescents and have my name on insurance panels, which I would not have with a Masters in Psychology (MA), but only with a Ph.D. I applied for the program at Portland State University (PSU), and fortunately I was accepted. To view my experience with the MSW program at PSU, please visit our Social Work page.

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