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December 14, 2001

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Our Maui Experience

December 17, 2001

We rolled out of bed at 5:00AM (some relaxing vacation!), and headed off to the Kihei pMolokini Craterier to meet our boat.  Today we would head out to Molokini Crater and fulfill our Deep Dive requirement for our Advanced scuba certification.  The boat hit the water at 6:00AM sharp as we motored out to the crater in total darkness.  The water was extremely choppy, and even one of the divemasters was hurling over the side.  Luckily I had picked up the patch from the doctor before we had left, so I was feeling fine.  Sandra doesn't get seasick for some reason.  After a 15 minute boat ride, we arrived at the crater, all by ourselves.  No other boats were even visible on the horizon around us as the sun came up.

We dove in an encountered a wonderland of tropical fish, with several varieties of sharks, including whitetips, reef sharks, and grey sharks, along with morays, squirrelfish, and butterflyfish.  Visibility was near 150 feet here, but as we were doing our deep dive, we descended to 130 feet, where the fish were mostly above us.  Only the sharks really hung around at that depth.  After fifteen minutes or so at depth, we scooted back up to the boat.  The boat was lunging violently, and as I climbed up the ladder, I became sick immediately.  After a good hurl over the side, though, I felt better.  I didn't understand why the patch wasn't working, but then I realized that it had come off during the dive!

We were off to Aloha reef, where we would practice underwater photography.  We snacked on the cookies, Hawaiian bread and pineapple that B&B provided on the trip, aThe Octopus is posing too.s the divemaster continued to be sick.  At Aloha, we saw green turtles, morays, sharks, octopus, and a few fish.  The dive site wasn't the greatest, but it was fun to use the cameras.  We headed back to shore, where we hit the Kihei Cafe for French Toast w/ Portuguese Sweet Bread and a muffin, before heading back to Ulua for a scooter dive.  We went next door to Makena beach this time, but the tide was bringing in the sand, making the visibility nonexistent.  We were fumbling with the scooters, trying to put on our fins while holding them, but I dropped one of my fins and was unable to find it in the sandy mess.  Since we had the scooters, I tried to go out without the fin, but as we motored out, my weight belt fell off and I shot to the surface.  Good thing we were only twenty feet down!  Another diver found my belt, but we called off the dive due to the poor visibility.  We didn't care for the scooters anyway.  They were too clumsy, and it felt like you were going to be sucked into the propeller.

I put up a sign fLahaina at Nightor a lost fin, and we headed up the coast to Lahaina.  About a half-hour from Kihei, the road is good, fronting the ocean, with fantastic views of the West Maui mountains, along with Molokini, Molokai, and Lanai.  Lahaina is a pretty cool little town with a boardwalk, some nightlife, many art galleries and shops.  We hit Bubba Gump's for a Lava Flow and a Blue Hawaiian and viewed the Hawaiian Experience at the domed theater.  The film was an interesting history of Hawaii.  We saw the centerpiece of the town, a single tree that created a forest.  You have to see it to believe that it's really only one tree.

We headed back to town to drop off our film, and hit the sheets.  Tomorrow would be our trip to Lana'i!

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