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The HP48GX has long been the #1 tool for Land Surveyors and Engineers.  Since its introduction as the replacement for the venerable HP41CX, it has garnered almost exclusivity among the Land Surveying and Engineering industries due to its expandable memory, programmability, and communications capabilities.  The HP48GX really took over in the Land Surveying industry when Tripod Data Systems started making add-on COGO and data collection cards that were a godsend to field surveyors and office surveyors alike.  Later, SMI and RAMSS, among others, joined in, and the HP48GX became an industry standard.

Now, Hewlett Packard has discontinued the HP48GX in favor of the HP49G+, which really is an all-around more powerful calculator.  However, we're faced with a couple of problems.

 1. The HP48GX is the only calculator that industry leaders TDS, SMI, and RAMSS make COGO cards for.

2.  The HP48GX is the only calculator that has data collection modules available for Land Surveyors.

3.  The HP48GX is the only calculator that environmental cases are made for.

4.  The HP48GX has a serial cable interface that allows it to hook up to most total stations, which the HP49G+ does not.

These reasons are way more than enough to continue the HP-48GX as the reigning king of Engineering and Land Surveying calculators.  Luckily, you can still find new and used HP-48 calculators through outlets like E-Bay and Amazon.com.  You'll tend to pay more than you used to, but it's still worth it.  We've made this site to help you find your HP48GX, along with HP48GX Books, HP-48GX Accessories (such as printers and communications software), and free HP 48GX programs.  

For more information, you can visit our otherHP48GX pages by clicking on the links in the left-hand margin.  For more information:

Not sure which calculator is right for you?  The links below may help you out:

Which Calculator is Right for Me?

Will the new calculators be compatible with my COGO card?

HP48GX Books, Programs, and Accessories

HP49G+ Books, Programs, and Accessories

HP33S, the Choice for the NCEES Exams

To shop for your new HP48GX or for HP48 books, programs, or accessories, just click on the appropriate icon below.

HP48G and HP48GX Calculators

The Industry Standard for Surveyors and Engineers    
Hewlett Packard HP48GX Calculator (128KB Expandable RAM) Hewlett Packard HP48G+ Calculator (128KB Non-Expandable RAM) Hewlett Packard HP48G Calculator (32KB Non-Expandable RAM)
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HP48G and HP48GX Accessories

HP Overhead Display Unit for the HP36G, 48G+, and 49G Calculators HP48/49 Connectivity Kit  
Hewlett Packard 82240B Enhanced Infrared Printer for HP Calculators Hewlett Packard 82215A 128KB RAM Card for HP48GX Hewlett Packard 82216A 1MB RAM Card for HP48GX

HP48G and HP48GX Books

HP-48G/GX Investigations in Mathematics

Science and Engineering Mathematics with the HP49G

by Merle C. Potter & Thomas Adams

by Don LaTorre, Donald Kreider, and T.G. Proctor

by Gilberto Urroz

Other Available Titles:

HP48 Programming - Utilities
by Ray Depew

The HP48 Database
by James Donnelly

Pre-Calculus to Calculus: The HP48G
by C.K. Sanchez

HP48S/SX Graphics
by Ray Depew

Mastering the 48G/GX:
A Step-by-Step, Easy to Read Introduction to Operating and Programming the HP48G/GX

by Thomas Adams

Differential Equations using the HP48 G/GX
by Gil Proctor

Algebra and Pre-Calculus on the HP48
by Dan Coffin and Ray DePew

Linear Algebra Equations with the HP48G/GX
by Don LaTorre

Calculus Investigations with the HP48G/GX
by Don LaTorre

Easy Course in Programming the HP48G/GX
by Dan Coffin

A Guide to Hewlett Packard Handheld Calculators
by W.A.C. Mier-Jedrzejowicz

An Introduction to HP48 System RPL and Assembly Language Programming
by James Donnelly

Get Software For Your HP48 or HP49

Commercial Software Packages for HP48/49

Free Downloads

Other HP48/49 Info.

Detailed HP48GX Specifications

  • Over 2,300 functions including over 300 for scientific and engineering applications
  • Built-in equation library with over 300 formulas and constants
  • 2-way infrared communication, RS-232C serial port; supports optional printer
  • 128 KB memory; 2 card ports for expandable RAM and ROM
  • 2-D and 3-D graphing capabilities
    Display: 8-line-by-22-character, 131 x 64 pixel LCD
  • Entry system logic: RPN
  • Graphing: 2-dimensional plot types: function, parametric, polar, differential equation, scatter, conic section, histogram, bar, truth; 3-dimensional plot types: wireframe parametric surface, slopefield, contour, pseudo-contour, gridmap, Y-slice; 15 interactive zoom functions including autozoom and zoom to last view
  • Calculus and symbolic math: Symbolic derivatives, polynomial integration; numerical integration, Taylor series, numerical differential equation solver; HP Solve application provides back-solving for any variable in your equation
  • Calculus with graphics: From graphics plot, find roots, intersection points, local extremes, derivatives (symbolic and graphical), slope, area under curve
  • Advanced math: HP MatrixWriter application provides easy entry, editing, and viewing of matrices
  • Scientific features: Angle conversions, base conversions, and arithmetic; extensive computer math functions including bit manipulation and Boolean operations–all fully programmable; polar/rectangular conversions
  • Statistical features: Linear regression, curve fitting (linear, log, exponential, power, or best fit); distributions: normal, chi square, student’s t, F distribution; mean, sample, and population standard deviation; variance and covariance
  • Constants and conversions: 49 pre-defined physical and mathematical constants and 148 units of measure pre-defined; others may be added
  • Input/output: 2-way infrared communication for transferring programs and data between HP 48s, infrared output to optional HP 82240B Infrared Printer, RS-232C serial port for connection to PC or Macintosh computers with optional cable and software
  • Memory: 128 KB RAM and two card ports for RAM or ROM cards
  • Engineering equation library: Equations grouped by engineering discipline: 15 technical subjects, 322 equations total, 100 equation groups
  • Precision: Real precision: ± 1.0 x 10-499 to ±9.99999999999 x 10499; numbers are shown with 12 mantissa digits and a 3-digit exponent; displayed numbers are rounded to 12 significant digits or fewer as selected by the user
  • In the box: Owner’s manual, Quick Start Guide, 3 AAA alkaline batteries, soft carrying case
  • Other features: HP EquationWriter Application eliminates the need to convert to cumbersome strings of parentheses and computer symbols and permits algebraic entry of expressions; notepad through variables; graphing functions with interactive 3-D graphics
  • Power source: 3 AAA batteries
  • Warranty: 1 year

HP 48G+ Technical Specifications

  • 128 KB of RAM and a built-in equation library
  • More than 300 commonly used formulas and scientific constants
  • Object-oriented programming
  • View, enter, and manipulate arrays
  • View equations and formulas just as you would in a textbook or on paper
  • Display: 8-line by 22-character, LCD
  • Menus, prompts, alpha messages, softkeys: Yes
  • RAM: 32 KB
  • Number of variables or registers: Unlimited within available memory
  • Built-in functions: Over 2,300
  • Redefineable keyboard and menu keys: Yes
  • Graphic functions with interactive graphics: 3D
  • Batteries: 3 AAA
  • Warranty: 1 year

HP 48G+ Technical Specifications

  • 32 KB of RAM
  • Built-in equation library
  • 300+ Formulas/Scientific constants
  • Create applications quickly and easily
  • Statistic/Mathematic/Scientific features
  • Display: 8 line x 22 char. LCD
  • Entry system logic: RPN
  • Menus, prompts, alpha messages, softkeys: Yes
  • RAM/no of variables or registers: 32 KB, unlimited withing available memory
  • Built-in functions: Over 2300
  • Redefinable Keyboard and menu keys: Yes
  • Peripherals: Optional Infra-red Printer (HP 82240B), Computer Link, Two-way Infra-red I/O,
  • Batteries: 3 x AAA
  • Warranty: One-year




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