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Cabo San Lucas

Our Trip - Nov. 1997

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Cabo San Lucas

The Approach

As you fly into Los Cabos International Airport, you'll be surprised to see the Sierra Madre mountain range encompassing the skyline.  The cactus-covered flatlands paint a stark contrast to the green mountainsides, as the single-runway airport comes into view.

The Arrival

There are no arrival gates in Los Cabos, so you'll be let off on the tarmack, where you'll go down the stairs and walk a very short distance to the arrivals area.  As you enter the arrivals area, you'll almost immediately be in line to show your passport to the immigration officials.  This area is very similar to the international arrivals hall at any American airport - there are about 11 gates, all but one for foreigners.  It's all very straightforward and easy - you won't have any trouble here - just get in line, show your passport and your immigration form you filled out on the airplane, tell him/her how long you'll be in Cabo, and you're on your way to baggage claim.

Baggage Claim

The Baggage claim area is small, only two carousels.  Inside the baggage claim areas are a money exchange booth (with a poor exchange rate - you'll want to wait), rental car booths, and a passport place.  You'll pick up your bags from the baggage carousel, and walk just a few steps over to the customs line.


Located just a couple of steps from the baggage carousel is the X-Ray machine.  Toss your bags on the carousel, and pick them up on the other side.  Right on the other side, when you've gathered your bags, just press the button right in front of you.  Green and you get to go right through, red means you've been selected for random inspection.  The red light seems to be exceedingly rare, so don't worry too much here.

"The Pit"

Right as you exit customs, you'll see a host of booths, all manned by representatives in white shirts.  All of these people in this area are timeshare sharks.  Do not go to any of these booths, or go where any of the representatives tell you to go "for your transportation" unless you fully intend to spend a day of your vacation in a high-pressure timeshare pitch.  If ANYONE approaches you in this area, they are NOT your transportation representative - they are a timeshare shark.  Simply walk right through all of the booths, not stopping for anyone (unless your transportation instructions specifically say to look for your representative here), and walk outside where the transportation representatives are waiting for you.

Ground Transportation

Most people arriving to Cabo San Lucas use pre-reserved airport transfers for transportation to their hotels.  Cost for this service to San Jose del Cabo runs approximately $$ for a shared shuttle of up to 13 people, or $$ for a private transfer.  To Cabo San Lucas, approximately $$ minutes from the airport, the cost is approximately $$ for a shared shuttle or $$ for a private transfer.  You will normally need to reserve this service at least 72 hours in advance, though some agencies are more flexible, so make sure to plan ahead. 

As you arrive outside the airport, you'll find all the airport transfer services lined up on the curb.  Look for your representative holding a sign with their logo and/or your name on it (refer to your transfer confirmation for exact instructions), or ask a representative where your company is located.  Then you'll just hop in the van, your driver will assist you with your luggage, and you're off to begin your vacation.  Piece of cake!

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