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Our Trip - Nov. 1997

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Cabo San Lucas

Sunday morning, we slept in late, recovering from our late night out, and walked over to Leslie's room for coffee and excellent Apple Muffins from the bakery around the corner.  We changed rooms to the now-vacant penthouse suite, which was bigger than the regular room, with a full kitchen, bathtub, and lovely views of the flowering B* tree just outside our window, and Cabo San Lucas beyond.  Just down the stairs from the suite was a lovely landing, where you could sit and listen to soothing music, while gazing at the stars, or talk with the other hotel guests.  Simply lovely.

After breakfast, we set out on foot to explore the town - we walked down to Plaza Paraiso, the new mall, which is wonderful with it's sunshine atmosphere, waterfalls, and tremendous views from some of the restaurants, such as Capitan Fish, as well as from the tower.  We shopped in many of the stores, as Leslie courted new members for our Cabo Fun Card, and ate lunch at Taco Inn, which looked like a fast food place, but actually had delicious arracherra tacos and chorizo quesadillas for an excellent price.  Great lunch spot! 

After lunch, we met up with several people, including the owners of La Princesa, Chilango's, and various stores, before retiring back to the hotel to share a bottle of wine, and to take care of e-mails while Leslie took a nap.  Afterward, we walked over to Sancho Panza's for dinner, but the saxophonist who was scheduled to play had called in sick, so we decided to head over to Nick-San's instead for Cabo's best (and most expensive) sushi.  The specialties were delicious, but were also a cool $20.00 for every plate of sushi - quite a difference from the $1.00 a plate sushi you get at Sushi World.  A glass of Beringer Sauvignon Blanc runs $12.00, and you have to order at least three plates to be remotely satisfied for two people, so you're looking at a hundred bucks or more for dinner.  Great food, but be prepared.

After dinner, we walked back over to Sancho Panza for drinks where Oscar, the bartender, tried to entice us to join him at Mambo Cafe next door.  We opted out, and instead stayed and talked with the owner a little bit.  We planned to return for their weekly wine tasting and appetizers with live music on Wednesdays.  The bar closed at around 11:00PM, and we met up with Leslie for some brandy and a chat, before retiring for the night.

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