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Getting Around Molokai

Sandra with the 4Runner on Molokai's NW End

Most visitors to Molokai rent cars, as there is no public transportation, and many of the resorts are well out of town.  The sights are spread out around the island, as well, which makes a car very useful.  A regular sedan is sufficient in most cases, but if you want to travel up the Main Forest Road to the Waikolu Lookout, you'll need a 4WD vehicle, such as this 4-Runner we rented from Molokai Rentals.  There are Jeeps, pickups, and mopeds for rent on the island as well.  


Car Rentals

If you're just staying in Molokai to relax, and aren't planning on heading up the Main Forest Road to the Waikolu Lookout, or across the dirt roads to the Northeast Coast beache4WD is recommended for some of Molokai's rough roads.s, and the weather has been good, a sedan is suitable for rental on Molokai.  Most of the roads are paved and well-maintained, and you'll find the convenience of a sedan over a jeep to be a good tradeoff.  Plus, gas is expensive here.  We found it to be over $2.00 a gallon when it was under $1.00 per gallon at home.  Sedans will run around $45 per day, while a 4WD will run more like $65 per day.  If you are planning to do some hiking in the Kamakou Reserve, or want to see the Waikolu Valley, you'll definitely want a 4WD.  The road is 10 miles of washboard, rutted dirt, followed by deeply rutted mud the last mile or so (fun, huh?).    We were quite happy with the 4-Runner that we rented from Molokai Rentals, though it did pull to the right quite a bit.   Each of the places has only a few cars, so make sure you make your reservation before you arrive, or you might be disappointed.  Dollar Rental Car is the only major market company on the island, offering Jeeps as well as sedans.  You can find discounted rates through the links below or through the discount wholesalers listed in the left sidebar.


Molokai Off-Road Tours & Taxi tel.(808) 553-3369 and Kukui Tours & Limousines tel.(808) 553-5133 are the only taxis on the island.  Fares to Kaunakakai from the airport are around $18, and around $26 to Kaunakoi.

Motorcycle Rentals

No Motorcycle Rentals exist on the island at this time.

Moped and Scooter Rentals

A moped is an excellent way to see Molokai.  The island is small, and there isn't much traffic.  Molokai Outdoor rents mopeds for a $25 charity donation.

Bus Service and Public Transportation

There is no public bus service on Molokai.

Molokai Maps

The maps in the table below will give you a good idea what you're looking at.  Maps are readily available in all the free tourist publications everywhere you look in Molokai, including the airport and your hotel desk.



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