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Timothy Lake Mtn Biking

Latourell Falls Hike

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Timothy Lake Mtn Biking

Ramona Falls Hiking

Latourell Falls Hiking


What is Johann & Sandra's Web?

Johann & Sandra's Web began as a personal website to share experiences with family and friends.  It has blossomed into much more than that.  Now it serves as an internet portal to thousands of people each day.  Vacationers can find information on travel and tourism, athletes can find information about their sport of choice, and people can find photographs and first-hand information about a variety of subjects. 

Why advertise with Johann & Sandra?

Though a fledgeling site on a free service provider, our previous site received nearly 400,000 hits during its short lifespan.  The primary visitors to our site were vacationers looking for information about tourist destinations, activities, and hotels, athletes looking for information on various sports, and people just browsing for information on the Pacific Northwest, Sweden, Surveying, Psychology,  and many other topics.  This targeted audience is generally looking for information or services which your company can provide.  Our site also provides a personal touch, where a perspective buyer feels comfortable, unlike many obviously corporate sites.  Today, since August, 2001, over 5,000,000 visitors from all over the world have graced our new site.  That's a lot of potential clientele!

What types of advertising are available and how much will they cost?

First and foremost, Johann & Sandra's Web is still a personal website and a portal that has been established to help web surfers find the information they are looking for.  In that spirit, a simple text link is always provided for free.  Just e-mail the URL to us, or fill out the form below, and we'll post it on the page of your choice.  The only requirement is that free text links must relate to the subject matter of the page on which they are placed and the site needs to be quality content that will be useful to our viewers.  All we ask is that you place a reciprocal link to our site on yours.  There is no guarantee when or if your link will be accepted.  For guaranteed review within 48 hours, please choose our Express Review below.

Other, more visible, types of advertising available include:

Save with our Annual Plan!  Buy 10 months and get 2 months free!

Promotional text Your ad will display in a highlighted box, with a text link, and up to 100 characters describing your site.  Price: Just $10/mo. or $100/yr.  This text will be at or near the top of the page, prominently displayed, and the page doesn't have to be a directory page.  Subject matter of your link needs to be relevant to our page.
Premium Directory Links Your directory link will be listed at the top of it's category, in bold letters, in a highlighted box marked with a star to draw attention to it and can have up to 100 characters of descriptive text.  $49.95/yr.  The link must still be appropriate to the subject matter where it is listed.  If your link is rejected, you will receive a refund minus a $5.00 review charge.
Free Text with Express Review Same as Free Text Links, but you can guarantee review within 48 hours for a $10.00 one-time fee.  There is no guarantee when or if your link will be reviewed without the Express fee.
Small Banner Ad A 120x90 pixel picture ad, with all the animation, pictures, and text you like (subject to approval).  Price: Only $9.95/mo. or $99.50/yr.  Just send us your HTML, and we'll post it.  The ad will be viewed by all visitors to the page you choose, and will not be a rotating ad.  You're welcome to ask about custom pricing plans.  Not bad compared to $1000/mo. for http://www.oregonlive.com.
Large Banner Ad A 468x60 pixel picture ad, with all the animation, pictures, and text you like (subject to approval).  Just send us the HTML, and we'll post it.  The ad will be viewed by all visitors, and will not be a rotating ad. Price: Just $19.95/month or $199.50/yr.
Pop-up Windows Pop-up windows are available on a limited basis.  Prices start at $35/mo. Ask us about pricing and sizing options.
Full Page Ads With this option, we write up and create a full page for our website about your product or service.  This page will be integrated into the linking structure of our site, and will appear to be a permanent part of our site.  We will use the photos and literature that you provide to us, and integrate that with our own writing style, or you can provide content.   $299.50/yr.  Add video to your new webpage for $399.50/yr.
Video Ads Play your own video on our website on the page(s) of your choice.  The video would be on-demand play, and would be above the fold in all cases.  It would also come with a descriptive text link below the video monitor to entice the visitor to play it.  $499.50/yr.
Review of Your Company We will do a writeup of our review of your hotel, tour, or facility, providing you with a large amount of free publicity and internet exposure.  Our requirement is that we have actually done your tour, stayed at your hotel, or used your facilities.   If you would like to offer us a free stay or tour in return for this free marketing, you can contact us via e-mail at [email protected]

We accept secure online payment via Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Currently we are only accepting new adveritsing in yearly installments.  To get the ball rolling on your advertisement, just fill out the brief form below.



1. It is directly relevant to one of our directory categories.
2. Contains useful, interesting, and unique content that will aid our viewers in finding the information they are looking for.
3. It does not fall into one of the restrictions listed below.


1. It does not relate directly to the content on the directory page you are submitting to.
2. Your site doesn't contain sufficient content to be of use to our viewers.
3. It is a travel or hotel booking site (eligible for premium links only) or is not family friendly (not eligible at all).  Examples of this are adult sites, gambling, and drugs.
4. You do not fill out the form completely.
5. You choose an option other than Free Link and don't submit the proper payment.
6. It contains HTML code (except the URL)
7. The page you are submitting to does not already contain a link directory section.
8. There is no category on our website that matches your subject matter - ie a travel guide to Hawaii may be accepted, a plumber in Hawaii will be rejected, as our Hawaii directories only contain travel-related information.


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