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Timothy Lake Mtn Biking

Latourell Falls Hike

Another trip to Sweden

July 4th at Long Beach



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Timothy Lake Mtn Biking

Ramona Falls Hiking

Latourell Falls Hiking






What's New

The What's New section of this site is broken down into the following two sections:

These two links will take you to the information you are looking for.  What's New with us includes personal information and events in our life for friends and family.  Site Additions and Updates includes all updates performed on the site.  You can see when new pages, content, or slide shows are added, and when hyperlinks are checked and verified, among other things.   For changes and updates prior to the current year, you can view our archives here.



What's New with us?

  • New section of our site added for our 2005 trip to Brazil.  See Fernando de Noronha, Iguassu Falls, and Rio de Janeiro.  We've also put on video slide shows of this trip.
7/28/04 - 8/16/04
  • We visit our family in Sweden again.  It was my first trip back in four years, though Sandra has gone several times in that time frame.  We hot-air ballooned over Stockholm, a memorable experience, ate lots of kräftor (crawfish), drank a lot, and generally just had a good time.  We camped one night at Lepse, by the lake, and celebrated Anna's 25th Birthday.
  • We spent the weekend in Bend, Oregon, where we mountain biked up a frenzy at Swampy Lakes and Peterson Ridge.  We also took in the town of Bend and relaxed at Eagle Crest resort in Redmond.
  • We spent the weekend in Long Beach, Washington, where we took in the fireworks.  The beach was full with cars, music, bonfires, and fireworks.  It was really great.  Then, we went with Craig and Denise out to the Oyster beds to do some Oystering.  Afterword, we headed back to Naselle to eat up our massive catch!
  • Sandra is gone in Atlanta, Georgia on business during her 27th birthday.   She was too involved in her conference to get in much sightseeing, so you won't find Atlanta on our site too soon!
  • We take a picnic at Silver Falls State Park for my birthday.  It was a lovely afternoon, with wine, strawberries and cream, baguettes, and dessert.  After lunch and relaxing, we took a stroll to see 177-foot South Falls.
  • We headed up to Ocean Shores, Washington, on Long Beach, and did some clamming.  It was our first time doing this, and it was a great time!  The cleaning wasn't too fun, though.  Thanks to Mei and Brian for showing us the ropes, and to Craig and Denise for playing host for a while at their place in Naselle!
  • I spent three days in Sacramento, California, taking my PLS exam there.  I took some photos and made some observations that are posted on our new Sacramento page.
  • We spent the weekend at Eagle Crest Resort in Bend, Oregon, where we found the best snowboarding yet at Mt. Bachelor.  The snow was light and fluffy, the powder was unbroken, and we had a wonderful time!
  • Josh Groban was in Portland, selling out the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in minutes.  His enchanting voice was memorable, but was actually a bit overshadowed by the passion of Lucia Micarelli on the violin!
  • We headed up to Leavenworth, Washington for a relaxing weekend...instead, our truck broke down on the top of Snoqualmie Pass in the middle of the night!  Not good.  After two tow truck rides, two rental cars and $5,000 for a new engine, we still managed to have a good time in Leavenworth.  The Christmas lights were out, and we met Brian and Jeannie one afternoon for some great sledding!

Site Additions and Updates

  • Added Timothy Lake on Mt. Hood to our Mountain Biking Guide.  We rode this 16-mile trail just yesterday.  We made a wrong turn, as usual, but it was great. 
  • Added our Ramona Falls hiking page.  Ramona Falls is a beautiful waterfall in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.  We made this hike in June, 2004.
  • Added our Latourell Falls hiking page.  This page details an after-work hike we took this August in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.
  • Added a page on Silver Falls State Park, primarily created to share photos of the trip.  We had a wonderful picnic lunch on the banks of the creek, and strolled down to see 177-foot South Falls.
  • Added Mirror Lake Slide Show, and photos to the Mirror Lake page.  These photos chronicle our hike of the Mirror Lake trail on Mt. Hood with Brian and Jeannie on July 27, 2003.
  • We have added a clamming page, where we give a few pointers about clamming for Pacific Razor Clams in Washington State, and you can see our photos from our trip!
  • We have added Sacramento to our list of destinations on our site.  This was from my trip to Sacramento for my PLS exam, where I spent a few days.  We added photos of Sacramento, a link directory, guidebooks, our impressions of the city, and some background information about the Capital of California.
  • Our backpacking trip through the Goat Rocks Wilderness is finally here!  We backpacked along a 25-mile stretch from the North Tieton Trailhead to Walupt Lake.  This stretch is the highest and most spectacular part of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington.  We've posted our trip report, trail information, and a photo gallery for you to check out.
  • Our Victoria, BC site is complete!  See photos, guides, discounts, and travelogues!
  • We've added a Team Handball store and a link to the all-new Portland Handball Club to our Team Handball site.
  • Webrings be gone!  We've discontinued the use of webrings.  This should help clean up the look of the site and speed up load times!


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