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What You'll Need to Host Your Own Crayfish Party

Swedish Crayfish Party Swedish Crawfish Party

Crayfish (of course). You can buy frozen crawfish from your local Swedish store, or on the internet. You can also buy live crawfish from many suppliers in Louisiana who will ship it to your home, or you can find them in your local lake, river, or drainage ditch.  The best crawfish are the "select" variety which average about 6 inches in length.

DecorationsKräftor decorations are widely available at Ikea stores in August, and you can buy them over the internet from places like Trapper Arne.  You can also make your own.

Dill.  You'll need tons of fresh dill weed.  Your local farm or natural foods store will probably have this.

Aqvavit.  This is the typical snaps that will be taken after the conclusion of a Swedish Drinking Song.  Your local liquor store will probably have at least one variety of this.  Many varieties of Aqvavit are made in Norway and Denmark.  Many people who don't like Aqvavit use Absolut Vodka or Brännvin instead.

Swedish Music.  Traditional Swedish music is a must.  You can get Swedish Music at your local Swedish store, or on the internet at places like Amazon.com.

Hard Bread. You can now buy Hard Bread at many of your local supermarkets like Safeway, or you can get it from your local Swedish store.

Games. These don't need to be official Swedish games, but you can just make some up yourself. 

What You'll Need to Host Your Own Crayfish Party

Our own Kräftskiva - August, 2005

Crawfish Party Photos

Bertil on the Proper Swedish Way to Eat Crawfish

Swedish Crawfish Party 2010

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