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Peterson Ridge

Length: 14.8 Miles
Type: Loop
Duration: 2 to 4 Hours
Elevation Gain: 640 Feet
To Reach:

From Portland, take I-5 south for 50 miles or so, then take SR-22 eastbound to Stayton/Detroit Lake.  Follow SR-22 (it becomes US-20) for 100 miles or so to Sisters.  In Sisters, turn right (south) on Elm Street.  After a couple of blocks, find the Village Green - a town park - on the left, opposite the fire station.  Park here on the left.

From Bend, drive northwest on US-20, 20 miles or so to Sisters.  In Sisters, turn left (south) on Elm Street.  After a couple of blocks, find the Village Green - a town park - on the left, opposite the fire station.  Park here on the left.

Trip Report:

This trail wasn't too far from my stay at Eagle Crest near Redmond, and the guidebooks made it sound fun, so I gave it a shot.  I got to the trail and found that I had left my pack in the hotel, containing all my gear, water, repair kits, guidebook, warm clothes, wallet and cell phone.  Always the wise one, I decided to bike up and give it a shot anyway.  I figured if the weather got bad, it was all downhill back to the van!  

The first five miles of the ride climb up Elm Street to the south.  After about four miles of fairly gentle climbing, the road launches upward, yielding great views of the central Oregon Cascades and lots of gasping for air.  At 5.2 miles, you pull onto an unmarked doubletrack to the left, and descend.  The trail is well marked and it's easy to stay on the right track.  Tons of fast, banked singletrack and ups and downs make this ride a great time.  I pedaled furiously throughout, and found myself launching headlong over the handlebars on a couple of occasions.  However, the trail is pretty forgiving. 

You can pull off on a couple of side trails for panoramic viewpoints and fabulous lunch spots that overlook the valley below.  This is the kind of mountain biking that the Bend area is famous for.  There were plenty of open pine forests, fast singletrack trails, several deer sightings, and not one other rider on the trail.  With about two miles to go, I kissed the trail big time, flying over the handlebars when my tire skidded on a log that looked like a root.  My crank arm busted off, my chain disengaged, and my pedals were bent, but other than that, all was well.  I had to limp the bike the last two miles back to the van with only one crank arm, and I didn't have step-in pedals, so it was more like a scooter.  That was really a bummer. 

This trail was definitely the best one I've been on so far.  I had a blast, and it really pumped me up to do some more!  Vistas, fast tracks, lots of banked turns and ups and downs, rocky areas and smooth areas, and a full-on 7 mile downhill run after a very do-able ascent up a paved road.  The highest recommendation from this camp!


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