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Phil's Trail (Phil's 24.5)

Length: 12.8 Miles
Type: Loop
Duration: 2 to 3 Hours
Elevation Gain: 620 Feet

Phil's Trail TrailheadManzanita AboundsZoom through the manzanitaBealle Man's TrailGetting Ready for Downhill Action!

To Reach:

From Portland, take US-26 East over Mt. Hood and take State Highway 97 south to Bend.  Once in Bend, take Franklin Avenue (by the Safeway) west.  Franklin becomes Northwest Riverside Blvd.  At 1.2 miles, turn right onto Northwest Tumalo Ave.  Tumalo will become NW Galveston Ave, and then Skyliners Road.  At 4.5 miles, you'll see a little brown sign with a bike on it pointing down Forest Road 220 (may now be marked as FR 4604).  Follow the sign and turn left onto the gravel road.    At 4.9 miles, turn right and then immediately left into a dirt parking area.

Trip Report:

I got to this trail at around 7:30pm on a summer night, and figured I'd give it a whirl.  I'd heard good things about Phil's Trail, and I needed a place to bike near Bend while I was staying there for work.  I threw my bike in the van and off I went.  The trail was mostly hard-packed fast track singletrack, with banks around the corners. There was a bit of doubletrack and road riding, but not too much.  The first half was mostly uphill, and since I hadn't eaten that day, I was struggling a bit by mile four.  There were few steep climbs, just constant incline.  The area was open pine forest (in true Bend style), and was lacking in varied scenery.

Finally, I hit the descents, and my adrenaline was pumping.  I zoomed through the ups and downs without missing a stride, and the banked corners were great.  The trail is well marked, and you just need to make sure to stay on the right trail, as Kent's Trail and several others zigzag around the area.  I finished out the run, after going full-tilt for the entire trail, before dark.  I was beat, but I felt great.  

This trail was fast and fun, with smooth, hard-packed runs, lots of ups and downs, sharp turns with banked corners, and no hard climbing.  I would love to do this trail again next time I'm in Bend.


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