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Swedish Crawfish Party 2010
AUGUST 14, 2010
Eskilstuna, Sweden Svensk Kräftskiva

Gathering for our annual Kräftskiva Crawfish Party at Mormor's house.

Bertil Instructs us on the Proper Way to Eat Swedish Crawfish
Jansson's Helan Går Anna and Bertil Sing Snapsvisor
Anna & Leif - Helan Går Danish Drinking Song Anna and Bertil Still Singing
Johann & Kicki Try the "English" Version of Helan - Tough! Johann & Kicki with "Over the Mountain" Sandra shows us how to eat Crawfish

Swedish Crawfish Party
We were all in the spirit, ready for that most intriguing of Swedish traditions.

Svensk Kräftbord (Swedish Crawfish Table)
The table was set, ready for this year's Kräftskiva (crawfish party)!

Swedish Kräftor (Crawfish)
The plate of crawfish (kräftor) tempted our tummies!

Jubileens Aquavit
Sandra makes sure to remind us all of her favorite part - snaps of Akvavit!

Absolut Vodka at a Kräftskiva
Most important component of a Kräftskiva - Absolut Vodka!

Svensk Snapsvisor (Swedish Drinking Songs)
Bertil is ready to sing snapsvisor (Swedish drinking songs)!
He is very enthusiastic about drinking songs, as you can tell.

Skål efter Snapsvisor
A rousing rendition of classic drinking song Helan Går ensued, followed by snaps (shots)!

Too Much Aquavit!
Is that all the aquavit I get?

Too much Aqvavit again!
Leif will drink to that!  Skål!

Sweden Crawfish Party

Swedish Crayfish Party
And they're off!  Anna leads the charge by consuming mass quantities of crawfish.

Eating crawfish and shrimp at a Kräftskiva
Grandma is clearly enjoying her shrimp and crawfish!

Fun Times in Eskilstuna Sweden
I would say that Sandra had a good time, or what do you think?

What You'll Need to Host Your Own Crayfish Party

Our own Kräftskiva - August, 2005

Crawfish Party Photos

Bertil on the Proper Swedish Way to Eat Crawfish

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