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Rio de Janeiro Sailing
Boarding the Sailboat in Rio de Janeiro.

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary - a very special day.  Kicki and Bertil take us out for a late breakfast at their new favorite breakfast spot (as with most places, their "favorite spot" was the only place they'd tried), Cafeina Ipanema.  We make the mistake of both couples ordering the "big breakfast" which is listed as for 2 people, but is more like for 4 people.  We have to pull over a second table just to fit all the food on!  Very good items, though - tropical fruit, a variety of breads, granola and yogurt, coffee, and several items we aren't sure what they are.


After breakfast, Marcelo picks us up to take us to the yacht club for a day of sailing.  The weather is overcast at best, and Luiz has called us already two times the previous day to make sure we still want to go.  As we drive over to the club, he calls again, but we're determined that we're going to make the best of it.  The Yacht club is a beautiful place, and Marcelo tells us stories of Arabian princes that he's taken there.  The sailboat pulls up to the harbor, and we meet the captain, Renaldo.


As the sailboat arrives, we see the deck is decorated with rose petals (Sandra's idea), and Luiz emerges from the lower hold with a bouqet of flowers (my idea).  Marcelo accompanies us on the ride, and as we leave the dock, rain starts to fall.  Luckily we had all brought jackets with us.  The bay is rough, so we don't venture into the ocean as we had planned, instead we cruise the shores of Niteroi and see the world's third longest bridge connecting it to Rio de Janeiro.

Sailing in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Popping the champagne cork in the wind and rain..

After a few minutes, Marcelo disappears down below deck, only to return with champagne, cheese, and crackers.  We pop the cork, and enjoy the goods as Renaldo, the captain, fills us in on some of the history of the area.  Soon, however, it starts to rain, and the wind picks up, driving the cold rain and drenching us.  We try to make the best of it, but eventually, we're just too miserable, and we ask Renaldo to turn back.  Soaked and freezing, Marcelo escorts us back to the apartment, for a shower and a nap to recover from our ordeal.

Copacabana Palace
Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Too bad, too - imagine sailing off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, the sun is shining, all the beautiful mountains surrounding us, the blue water reflecting the sunshine, while we sip champagne and nibble on exotic cheeses.  Could you be more romantic on an anniversary?  Oh well, let's say we'll never forget it...!!  After we rest and freshen up, Marcelo returns to take us to dinner.  At this point, I haven't told anyone where we're going to eat, and both Marcelo and Luiz have done a great job of keeping the secret. 


I had hoped to secure a limosuine to take us there, but unfortunately, there are no limos in Rio.  Nobody figures out where we're going until we actually pull in, which is fun.Cipriani restaurant is an amazing place, overlooking the beautiful pool and courtyard of the palace, while beautiful live piano music plays in the background.  The restaurant exudes class, and the service is the best we've ever experienced.   There is absolutely nothing I can say negative about the experience we had at the Copacabana Palace - it was simply magical.


Sandra, Bertil, and Kicki all choose the Lobster (a cool $50), while I, not being a huge fan of Lobster, opt for a Lamb Pasta.  The pasta is quite good, while the Lobster is outstanding.  We opt for a Brazilian wine (since this is Brazil, after all), a Miolo Reserve which we had many times throughout our vacation - our favorite of the many varieties we tried.  They serve us a first course of Tuna - absolutely fabulous.  The other three try a bowl of soup, which is also great. 

Cathedral of San Sebastian Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Preparing to blow out the candle at Cipriani.

After dinner, they surprise us all by bringing out a cake with a candle and playing "Happy Birthday" on the piano.  Luiz set that up for us - we were all quite taken.  A lovely touch. After dinner, we sit out by the pool, relaxing, and enjoying some excellent espresso.  Marcelo has scoped out somewhere to take us afterward, but we're all tired and it's a good end to a perfect evening.  Besides, we have to get up early tomorrow - we're going to Buzios!


Tired from a full day of touring, we decide to stay in and make pasta at home that evening.  Tomorrow is our anniversary, so we want to be fresh.

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