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Brazil Flight on Varig
Boarding Varig at the Rio de Janeiro Airport.


We're set to embark on our long-awaited journey to Brazil for this, our 10th anniversary.  We'll be travelling to mighty Iguassu Falls, romantic Rio de Janeiro, and the tiny island paradise, Fernando de Noronha.  In Rio de Janeiro, where we'll spend our anniversary, we'll be meeting Sandra's mom, Kicki, and her beau of seven years, Bertil, who will be flying in from Sweden to meet us.

Our flight schedule will be a brutal one - Leaving from our native Portland, Oregon at 9:15AM, flying to San Francisco then to Miami, on to Rio de Janeiro, and finally Foz de Iguassu on the Argentina-Brazil border, arriving at 5:30PM the NEXT afternoon. 


We'll spend the next day at Iguassu Falls, then flying out at 6:00AM the next morning to Chinchilla, followed by Sao Paulo and Recife before finally landing on Fernando de Noronha.  Three nights on the island will be followed by flights to Recife and back to Rio de Janeiro, where we'll spend 9 nights.  Then it's back home - from Rio to Miami to Seattle to Portland.  All told, 16 flight legs in two weeks -  Quite an agenda - we can't wait!



A relatively mundane flight - no huge problems, despite the most active hurricane season on record, with Hurricane Beta threatening our trip and Hurricane Wilma just wreaking devastation to South Florida, including the Miami Airport where we had to fly through.  Just long - oh so long.  We flew Horizon Air to San Francisco, then American Airlines to Miami and on to Rio de Janeiro, followed by Varig to Iguassu Falls via our Brazil Air Pass.


As we left the Foz de Iguacu airport, we were greeted by our guide for this portion of the trip, Eddie.  Eddie was holding a sign with our name on it - easy to spot.  He helped us with our bags and it was on to our hotel, the San Martin Hotel.

Tilapu Dam at Foz do Iguacu
Itupu Dam in Foz do Iguacu - World's Largest
San Martin Hotel - Iguassu Falls, Brazil
San Martin Hotel in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil.


The San Martin Hotel is about 500m from the entrance to Iguassu Falls National Park, right next to the Bird Park.  The grounds are beautiful, and the facilities include a restaurant and two bars - one by the pool and one inside.  The rooms are tiny and old, but functional.  There is only one 110V outlet - in the bathroom - so it's interesting trying to keep everything charged as well as plug in our alarm clock.  There is a television, but CNN is the only channel in English and there are no subtitles - all English-language programs are dubbed in Portuguese.

The beds are twins and are hard - you can feel the springs big time.  There is air conditioning, but no clock, iron, or additional outlets. 

Luckily we'd brought these items along.  The shower is slippery, and there is no exhaust fan, but it works fine.  The room is well serviced and clean.  There is an internet kiosk in the gift shop and a tour desk in the lobby.


We sampled the hotel bar and had a couple of Capirinha's (Brazil's most popular cocktail) and some others as well.  Suffering from allergies beyond control, I have to take a dive before we can eat - we order room service (some quite good tenderloin) and I crash in the room almost immediately...

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