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Macuco Boat Safari
The Jungle Truck takes us through the jungle to the boat.

Eddie drops us off at the Macuco Boat Safari for the next part of our adventure. We meet our guides and load into the army jeep along with a group of senior citizens from Norway. The jeep grinds down a narrow jungle path, stopping a couple of times to show us orchids and palm trees and to let other jeeps pass.  The tour guide gives us the option to walk 600m down a jungle path, but nobody else in our group is going to do this walk (too old), so we pass as well.  We continue to a point where we unload from one jeep and hop onto a smaller one for the final pitch down the steep dirt path.


The zodiac holds about 20 people, and we bolt off down the Iguassu River toward the falls.  Beautiful jungle lines both banks as we do some 360's in the middle of the river.  We head over to the Argentinian falls first, stopping almost underneath the falls.  We get totally drenched, but it is really cool.  We zoom over now to another section of falls and enter the spray of the falls at full speed ahead.  It seems like we're destined for a head-on collision with the jagged rocks beneath the thundering falls, but at the last moment, we turn hard left and are met with a colossal amount of spray from the falls, drenching everyone again.

Macuco Boat Safari
You can't get much closer to the waterfall than this!

Everyone screams with delight as we come around for another pass, and then another - the guides film us the whole way as we get an amazing view of the falls above from right underneath.  It is too wet to use our camera during the event (we had no waterproof casing), but the guides filmed a DVD for us and also took some still photos for purchase. 

We turn now back to the dock and race full-speed ahead back up the Iguassu River. 

Macuco Boat Safari
A high-speed return to shore, including 360 spins!

We do more 360s and other tricks along the way, producing screams of excitement from our Norwegian counterparts, then hit a big wake and crash over it, producing a wave over the front of the boat, soaking me immensely.

Back at the dock now, we get dressed and have an opportunity to purchase the photos and DVD.  We pass on the photos but grab the DVD for $35USD. We hop in the Jeep and head back up to the tour departure point, having to switch Jeeps at the top of the really steep part.  We hear monkeys in the trees, but cannot pick them out of the dense jungle canopy.  The tour might have been a bit overpriced at nearly $70 a pop, but it was definitely a fun experience and we were happy we shelled out.


What to bring: Waterproof Camera, Swimsuit, Sandals, Towel, Money for Videos and Photos, Insect Repellent, Sunblock, Poncho or other rain gear.

What NOT to bring (Are you listening, Sandra?) High Heeled Shoes, Giant Purse, Blazer, Long Pants. 

Things those who aren't Sandra shouldn't bring: Shoes and Socks, Bags of any kind (you'll have to leave them at the dock), Sunglasses.

Cost of Tour: $66 USD Per Person (At time of writing)

Where to Book:   http://www.macucosafari.com.br/


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