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Copacabana Brazil
Walking the Boardwalk in Copacabana.

After our back-to-back late nights, we opt to sleep in this morning and take it easy.  Around 10:00AM, we head down the street to Cafeina Ipanema for a nice, much-smaller-than-last-time, breakfast, then we walk down the street to Av. Vieira Souto (the beach boulevard).  We walk along the boardwalk along the street, gazing at the mostly-empty beaches on this cloudy morning, and exploring the street scenes.  We pass incredible sand sculptures - meticulously created castles, women, and scenes out of sand, many people walking their dogs, and as we near Copacabana, we see many surfers out in the water. 


The sun has come out now, briefly, so the beach has already started to fill in as we stroll through Copacabana.  There are beachside kiosks every couple of minutes - quite a lovely place for a morning walk.  We come to the end of the boardwalk, and cut over onto the main street of Copacabana, Av. Atlantica. 


Here we see several tourist shops, entire malls selling nothing but precious and semi-precious stones and jewelry, which Brazil is famed worldwide for, particularly Amethyst, Opal and Topaz.  After browsing a while, we decide to take a taxi down to the Copacabana Palace and explore that area, since Copacabana is quite a walk.  We stroll the streets, looking in shops, especially shoe stores of which there are an endless supply, until we stop for lunch at a restaurant on Av. Atlantica called La Maison.   We order some pasta which is average (fairly tasteless) and some onion soup, which was NOT French onion soup as we knew it (we assumed since we thought we were in a French restaurant...).

Restaurante La Maison
Eating Lunch at La Maison in Copacabana....

It was an OK place, and one time we had six waiters all waiting on us at the same time, in typical Brazilian Style.  After lunch, we take a taxi back to the apartment to rest for a while before heading back out to eat.  That evening, on a recommendation from Marcelo as "The Best Pizza in Rio", we decide to try Capricciosa Pizza and Wine Bar on Rua Vinicius de Morais.  Kicki leads the way, insisting she knows the way, and of course we end up "doing some sightseeing" as we pass it by several blocks.  It gives us a chance to see the beauty of Logoa, and scout out some excellent looking restaurants, however.  Eventually the Bertil and I take over and we find the restaurant.

Drinking at Manoel & Juaquim in Rio de Janeiro
Kicki & Bertil at Manoel & Juaquim in Ipanema.

Once at Capricciosa, there is a wait to get in - a very popular place.  It is elegantly appointed, and full of people.  There is no smoking inside - a nice change (for me) from the usual smoky restaurants.  The Pizza is quite good, very authentic Italian-style, and quite expensive at about $20 per person.  For our money, though, we preferred the non-authentic but delicious pizza we had at Boteco Belmonte across from the Hippie Market the previous week.

We didn't feel nervous at all walking around Ipanema at night - seemed peaceful, fairly well lit, and a pretty normal residential area - not unlike home. 


We walk back to Rua Farme de Amoedo and have drinks at Manoel & Juaquim and chat.  The place is packed as usual - a very nice place to sit outside on the patio and chat.  After a while, I become unconscious and we decide to call it a night.


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