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Cia de Lua Loja / Cafe - Fernando de Noronha
Taking a snack at Cia de Lua Loja (Cafe) after Diving.

We wake this day at 6:00AM to another cold shower and breakfast at the pousada.  Today it's scuba diving with Atlantis Divers for the second day -  a morning dive this time.  We're picked up by the dive shop and off to the marina where we'll share the Fly and Dive with two Norwegians and four Brazilians. 

See our Fernando de Noronha Scuba Diving for a scuba diving report for today.

After we return to the marina, we ask to be taken to the Atlantis Dive Shop where we are to get our dive log information. 

After getting the information, we wander downtown looking for a "Dive Noronha" t-shirt, but to no avail.  We stop for a bottled water at a small cafe in the park, where we sample a couple of not-so-good meat-filled pastries.  We decide at this point to rent another buggy for the remaining 24 hours of our time on Noronha.

We notice that across from the park there is a buggy rental place, so we walk up and inquire about it.  The lady opens her window and is happy to talk to us - in Portuguese of course.  The rental rate is $100BR per day and we don't have that much cash - she takes VISA but not MasterCard which seems to be a somewhat common occurrence in Brazil.  We work it out so we'll pay her later after we get more cash, and we're off and running.  This is a MUCH better buggy than the last one, which further emphasizes how bad we were ripped off before.


We go to the airport and take out some more cash, then head for what is called Turtle Beach (Baia do Sueste, or Sueste Bay).  We relax and nap in the sun on the brilliant white sand, then I hop in for some snorkeling.  The snorkeling is great - I see a sea turtle, unending schools of fish, and a massive 8-foot shark swimming free (luckily the other direction from me).  Also lots of larger fish, such as big trunkfish, porkfish, and others.  All this in water shallower than my knees.  The water is bathtub warm and clear, and I find myself just sitting there watching this underwater world go by as the fish just mind their own business and don't seem to care that I am there.

Turtle Beach Fernando de Noronha Brazil
Turtle Beach in Fernando de Noronha Brazil.

The bay is great for snorkeling also because it continues at about three feet in depth WAY out into the bay without ever significantly deepening, creating endless snorkeling opportunities.  Another lady we talked to said she saw four turtles and a small shark.  As I drag myself out of the water, we continue our nap in the hot afternoon sun.

Sandra at Turtle Beach
Sandra takes a nap while I snorkel at Sueste Beach.

After the beach, we head out to the Port to have a drink at an ocean view restaurant, but my back has become so sore that I'm feeling nauseas, and we have to go back to the room.  After a brief nap, we head over to the Trattoria de Morena for dinner - Sandra has the lobster and I the filet mignon.  The lobster and accompanying pasta were somewhat bland, but the brandy sauce for the filet was delicious, so we just put it on everything.

We finished off the meal with a homemade pudding dessert that was quite tasty, and a shot of Baileys before returning to the room.


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