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We only took one dive while in Cancun, Mexico, and that was actually closer to Playa Del Carmen than Cancun, outside XCaret Ecoarchaeological Park, along the aptly named Barracuda Reef.  This page will tell you a bit about what we saw on this dive and how our trip went, along with some photos.  For more really cool dives in Mexico, check out our page on Isla de Cozumel, and our snorkeling page for lots of cool photos!  You can also see more about our vacation in Cancun and Cozumel on this site.  Our main scuba page focuses on diving in the Pacific Northwest and general information about scuba diving.  You can also check out our new Cancún Message Board to find and share information about Cancún all around the world.

Barracuda Reef  (XCaret Caves) 1/4/2000  Bottom Time:  49:00  Depth:  50 ft. 

On this day, we took a bus tour from Cancun to XCaret EcoarchaeologicaBarracuda Reefl Park for the day.  We were going to be swimming with the dolphins and relaxing, perhaps doing a bit of snorkeling.  We had just finished diving 9 dives in four days in Cozumel, and this week we planned on taking it easy.  However, once we got there, and found out that the on-site dive shop offered dives, we couldn't resist.  After our dolphin encounter, we hurried over to the dive area to catch the last boat of the day.  The trip was just Sandra and I, the divemaster, captain and one other fellow.  The west end of Barracuda Reef was only a couple of minutes from the park, and before we knew it, we were in the water. 

The trip was $Angel Fish35 for a one tank dive, and I was a bit cold during the dolphin encounter, so I opted to get a shorty for $5 extra.  Sandra just wore her swimsuit.  We were given Mares equipment, in relatively good shape, but no dive computers, just gauges this time.  I was cool and forgot my open-water certification card, so I had to do a checkout in the bay before departure with the divemaster.  No big deal, except I didn't have enough weight, so he had to stick a huge 4lb. weight in my BCD, which overweighted me for the dive.

The water was warm, though cooler than in Cozumel, probably 75°F  on the Spotted Moray Eelsurface and 70°F at 60 feet.  We were quite warm and comfortable during our dive (except for my weight).  The visibility was probably just over 100 feet (maybe 125), which was great, but we had been spoiled by Cozumel's over 200 foot visibility, so it didn't seem quite as great.  The current was very strong in this area, and was nearly impossible to swim against.  The surface was a little choppy, but not too bad. 

Barracuda Reef Striped Gruntsin this area was a fairly shallow coral reef, with depths on the bottom around 60 feet and the top about 40 feet.  Fish were plentiful, but mostly hanging out in caves to hide from the current.  Our divemaster carried a torch, and we entered a couple of large overhangs with him.  First we saw a large spotted moray eel, totally exposed on reef.  The other guy we were diving with grabbed the eel and played with it until the divemaster had to go back and look for him.  I don't think we're quite ready to play with moray eels quite yet... In the next cave, we saw a huge Caribbean lobster, about 5 feet long, and the biggest green moray eel I have ever seen!  It must have been a full 12" across and at least 6 feet long (the cave wGreen Morayas dark and we couldn't see the end of him!).  We saw another green moray and a large crab in another cave, some angelfish, parrotfish, grouper, grunts, butterfly fish and filefish.

Overall, this dive was not comparable to the dives of Cozumel, but still cool.  The current was a bit too strong to achieve full enjoyment from the dive, and the marine life mostly opted for hideouts from it.  Just seeing the size of that one eel made the whole dive worth it, though.  Wow.


Sandra getting goggle-eyed at XCaret.  The guy in the speedo...that's me.  

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