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Oregon Mountaineering

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The state of Oregon is home to forty mountain peaks in eleven mountain ranges, making it one of the premier alpine destinations on the continent.  The highest (and most visible) peak is Mt. Hood in the Cascades, towering over Portland at 11,239 feet (my company actually measured the height with GPS!). 

To read about our summits of Oregon peaks, click on the links at left.  Each site contains a trip report, photo gallery, and lots of information about the route climbed.  Also included are links to other sites containing information on the climb.


Highest Peaks in Oregon:

1. Mt. Hood 11,239 Feet North Oregon Cascades
2. Mt. Jefferson 10,497 Feet Central Oregon Cascades
3. South Sister 10,358 Feet Central Oregon Cascades
4. North Sister 10,085 Feet Central Oregon Cascades
5. Middle Sister 10,047 Feet Central Oregon Cascades
6. Matterhorn Peak 9,845 Feet Wallowas
7. Sacajawea Peak 9,838 Feet Wallowas
8. Hurwal Divide 9,776 Feet Wallowas
9. Steens Mountain 9,733 Feet Steens
10. Aneroid Mountain 9,702 Feet Wallowas
11. Petes Point 9,675 Feet Wallowas
12. Twin Peaks 9,673 Feet Wallowas
13. Chief Joseph Mountain 9,616 Feet Wallowas
14. Eagle Cap 9,572 Feet Wallowas
15. Red Mountain 9,560 Feet Wallowas
16. Cusick Mountain 9,518 Feet Wallowas
17. Mt. McLoughlin 9,495 Feet South Oregon Cascades
18. Wallowa-McCully 9,440 Feet Wallowas
19. Sentinel Peak 9,400 Feet Wallowas
20. Hurricane Divide 9,386 Feet Wallowas

Oregon Mountain Ranges

Oregon is home to numerous mountain ranges.  From the towering volcanoes of the Cascade Mountains in the West to the Rocky Mountains in the East, Oregon has varied and mountainous terrain throughout it's various climate regions.

Cascade Mountains Wallowa Mountains Blue Mountains Strawberry Mountains
Siskiyou Mountains Trout Creek Mountains Oregon Canyon Mountains Pueblo Mountains
Mahogany Mountains Coast Range Elkhorn Mountains Owyhee Mountains


The Cascade Mountains stretch for over 700 miles from Northern California through Oregon and Washington, and ending in British Columbia.  The Cascades are known for their majestic snow-capped peaks, heavy snowfall, and glaciers.  The peaks offer some of the best snow and ice climbing in the lower 48 states, and the height differential from top to bottom is greater than nearly all of the higher peaks in the Sierra Nevadas and the Rocky Mountains.  The lower portions of the peaks are covered with thick fir and pine forests, while the slopes in summer consist of scree and loose rocks.  The cascades are primarily large cinder cone volcanoes, and most of the volcanoes are active today.

1. Mt. Hood 11,239 Feet
2. Mt. Jefferson 10,497 Feet
3. South Sister 10,358 Feet
4. North Sister 10,085 Feet
5. Middle Sister 10,047 Feet
6. Mt. McLoughlin   9,495 Feet
7. Mt. Thielsen   9,182 Feet
8. Broken Top   9,175 Feet
9. Mt. Bachelor   9,065 Feet
10. Mt. Scott   8,928 Feet


The Wallowa Mountains lie in the Northeast corner of Oregon, just west of Hell's Canyon, the deepest gorge in the United States.  The range encompasses the Eagle Cap Wilderness, the largest wilderness in Oregon. 

1. Sacajawea Peak 9,838 Feet
2. Matterhorn Peak 9,826 Feet
3. Hurwal Divide 9,776 Feet
4. Aneroid Mountain 9,702 Feet
5. Petes Point 9,675 Feet
6. Twin Peaks 9,673 Feet
7. Chief Joseph Mountain 9,616 Feet
8. Eagle Cap 9,572 Feet
9. Red Mountain 9,560 Feet
10. Cusick Mountain 9,518 Feet

Blue Mountains

Separated from the Wallowas by the Grand Ronde River and Powder River, the Blue Mountains constitute one of the largest uplifts in Oregon, extending into several counties. 

1. Rock Creek Butte   9,097 Feet

Strawberry Mountains

Located in Eastern Oregon, north of Burns, the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness is just east of John Day in the Malheur National Forest.  The area includes nearly 68,700 acres and is home to 378 types of animals.


Strawberry Mountain

  9,040 Feet


Graham Mountain

  8,570 Feet


Indian Spring Butte

  8,529 Feet


Riner Basin - Slide

  8,511 Feet


Lookout Mountain

  8,032 Feet



  8,000 Feet


Pine Creek Mountain

  7,975 Feet


Indian Creek Butte

  7.886 Feet


Bull Run Rock

  7,873 Feet

Siskiyou-Klamath Mountains

1. Mt. Ashland   7,533 Feet

Trout Creek Mountains

1. Blue Mountain   7,420 Feet

Oregon Canyon Mountains

1. Oregon Canyon Mountain   7,920 Feet
2. Ironside Mountain   7,820 Feet

Pueblo Mountains

1. Pueblo Mountain   8,634 Feet

Mahogany Mountains

1. Cedar Mountain   5,740 Feet

Coast Range

1. Chetko Peak   4,660 Feet
2. Mary's Peak   4,097 Feet

Steens Mountain

1. Steens Mountain   9,733 Feet

Owyhee Mountains

1. Borah Peak 12,662 Feet (Idaho)

Elkhorn Mountains

1. Rock Creek Butte   9,106 Feet
2. Elkhorn Peak   8,931 Feet
3. Red Mountain   8,928 Feet
4. Twin Mountain   8,897 Feet
5. Cougar Pond   8,880 Feet
6. Van Patten Butte   8,729 Feet
7. Angel Peak   8,646 Feet
8. Mt. Ruth   8,600 Feet

For more information on mountaineering in the state of Oregon, you can visit the website of Mazamas, the premiere climbing club in Oregon.  You might also want to visit our Mountaineering Directory, where we list links to a great deal of mountaineering information. 


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