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columbia river gorge hiking

- Angels Rest

- Beacon Rock

- Dog Mountain

- Dry Creek Falls

- Eagle Creek

- Gillette Lake

- Hamilton Mountain
- Latourell Falls

- Mt. Defiance

- Multnomah Falls

- North Lake / Wyeth

- Oneonta Gorge

- Wahclella Falls

- Wahkeena Falls

other local hikes

- Mirror Lake
- Ramona Falls

- Three Corner Rock

backpacking trips

- Goat Rocks

- Indian Heaven

- Hoh Rain Forest

car camping

- Olallie Lake

- Trillium Lake


caving trips


- Ape Cave

- Deadhorse Cave

- Ole's Cave

- Thurston Lava Tube


mountain climbs


- Middle Sister

- Mt. Adams

- Mt. Hood

- Mt. St. Helens (Monitor Ridge)

- Mt. St. Helens
(Worm Flows)

- South Sister


columbia gorge

Columbia River

Cultural History

Geologic History


Columbia River Gorge

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Multnomah Falls

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a smorgasbord of wonderful hikes.  We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the hikes that the gorge has to offer.

Nowhere else can you find this conglomeration of beautiful waterfalls, wonderful hiking trails, and fantastic scenery so close to the city.

On this portion of our site, you can find trail guides and reports about hiking in the Columibia River Gorge and the surrounding area, a huge selection of the best Pacific Northwest Trail Guides, a message board, history of the gorge, and tons of photos! 

So far this year, we've hit Gillette Lake, Mirror Lake, and Three Corner Rock, with more to come soon! 

To visit our trail guide about a specific site, click on a link in the left-hand border, or out of the table below!

Trail Length Elevation Gain
Wyeth Trail to North Lake 14.7 miles 3800 feet
Mt. Defiance 11.8 miles 4800 feet
Hamilton Mountain 7.6 miles 2000 feet
Ramona Falls 7.1 miles 1000 feet
Dog Mountain 6.9 miles 2820 feet
Eagle Creek 6.6 miles 600 feet
Mirror Lake 6.4 miles 1500 feet
Dry Creek Falls 5.4 miles 710 feet
Wahkeena Falls 5.0 miles 1600 feet
Bonneville Trail to Gillette Lake 5.0 miles 300 feet
Angels Rest 4.4 miles 1500 feet
Three Corner Rock 4.4 miles 600 feet
Ponytail Falls 2.7 miles 400 feet
Oneonta Gorge 2.7 miles 400 feet
Horsetail Falls 2.7 mles 400 feet
Latourell Falls 2.3 miles 600 feet
Multnomah Falls 2.2 miles 700 feet
Wahclella Falls 1.8 miles 300 feet
Beacon Rock 1.8 miles 600 feet

Along with our trail guides, we've prepared a slide show with narrative of our hikes in the gorge for you to experience it right along with us.  To view the slide show, click on the link at the bottom of the page.  For more information about the Columbia River Gorge and surrounding area, check out our Oregon and Washington directories or click on the links at left.





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