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Caving at Ole's

Caving is something we tried for the first time this year.  We went with Salima and Dan "The Man Forehead Man From Afghanistan" Furno to Ole's in Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Mt. St. Helens.  The 3-mile trek into the cave was beautiful, and the weather was fantastic.  We had a little trouble finding the cave at first, but we hooked up with the correct trail and entered the cave.  Ole's is closed in the winter for big-eared bat hibernation, but is open all summer.  It was a good beginner cave, as it introduced us to major aspects of caving, such as crawlers, climbers, water, rock formations, and walk-through lava tubes, without having too much of any one aspect.  The entrances to the cave were cool, but the blackness didn't help out our photos any.  We're anxious to explore our next cave soon! 

Below we've posted some photos from our expedition for you to browse.  Simply click on the thumbnail for a larger photo, and hover the mouse over the thumbnail for a description of the photograph.

En Route to Oly'sAt the entrance to Oly'sSandra and Salima all geared up Dark...kind of romantic... The cavers getting set to head inside Victory!

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