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Oneonta Gorge
(Horsetail Falls)

Hiked:   Summer, 1998
Length:   2.7 mile loop
Elevation Gain:   400 feet
USGS Quad:   Multnomah Falls
GPS Coordinates:   N: 45 35' 23"
W: 122 04' 03"
Photo Gallery:   Oneonta Gorge Slide Show

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To Reach (From Portland):

Take I-84 eastbound to Exit 35 (Ainsworth Park) and follow the Old Columbia River Highway 1.5 miles back to the parking lot across the street from Horsetail Falls.

The Trail:

The trail begins at 176-foot Horsetail Falls, one of the most-photographed falls in the gorge.  After taking your photos, head down the well-marked trail 0.2 miles to the Gorge Trail, and follow it around the backside of 80-foot Ponytail Falls.  About a half-mile past the falls, you can take a quick turnout to admire the view over the Columbia River Gorge.

After another 1/2 mile, you'll come to a metal footbridge over 60-foot Oneonta Falls.  Take a minute to gaze down before crossing and heading up to the junction with the Oneonta Trail.  Taking a left here takes you to 120-foot Triple Falls, a great spot to kick back for a bit, and taking a right continues you on the loop back down to the Highway (about a mile later). 

Walk along the road back to the mouth of the Oneonta Gorge, and to the car.

Our Take:

We took Sandra's sister, Anna, with us on this hike.  Fresh off her victory over Wahclella Falls, Anna was pumped for this one.  We stopped and took photos at Horsetail and Ponytail Falls, and played in the waterfall a bit. 

After we were wet with mist, we headed over the steel bridge over Oneonta Falls, and took the loop back to the mouth of the gorge where kids were playing.  We decided not to head up to Triple Falls (Maybe another time), and just completed the loop.

This is a nice, short, easy trail fit for the whole family.  The kids will enjoy splashing in the pool below Ponytail falls and wading down Oneonta Creek.  The hike is close to Portland, and doesn't require any extensive planning.  All the waterfalls are very beautiful...


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