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Dry Creek Falls

Hiked:   July 1, 2001
Length:   5.4 miles round-trip
Elevation Gain:   710 feet
USGS Quad:    Carson
GPS Coordinates:    N:     45 37' 40"
 W: 122 01' 10"
Photo Gallery:   Dry Creek Falls Photos

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To Reach (From Portland):

Take I-84 east to Cascade Locks (Exit 44), and follow the signs to the Bridge of the Gods.  Just before the toll booth, there is a small park to the right, where you can park your car.  As with all the Columbia River Gorge hikes, make sure you have a Northwest Forest Pass.

The Trail:

This relatively short, flat trail leads you through beautiful forest, over a creek, and to an isolated, seldom-visited waterfall.  To start, cross back over the road to the Pacific Crest Trail.  Follow it to the left 200 yards, and turn right on a paved street that ducks under the freeway, and fork to the right on gravel Moody Avenue.  After 50 yards, turn left onto the continuation of the trail at a sign "PCT South". 

The trail now heads into the woods, covered with moss, salmonberry, and ferns, and eventually (after a mile or so) hits a power line access road.  Turn right here, and follow it for 150 feet or so before you turn left onto the trail again.  After another mile, the PCT hits a dirt road, and Dry Creek, here a minor torrent.  

Turn right, and head on up the road to 50-foot Dry Creek Falls.  There is a quiet pool at the bottom suitable for swimming, and a great lunch spot.  After enjoying the solitude and sound of the waterfall for a while, you can either return the way you came, or follow the dirt road all the way back.

Our Take:

We really enjoyed this trail, as it was peaceful, relaxing, and easy.  We barely broke a sweat here, but we felt at ease.  The falls was beautiful, and the solitude was nice.  The trail was heavily covered with foliage on both sides, all decked out in green, and the smell of the Pacific Northwest was everywhere. 

We opted to return back the way we came, as walking down a dirt road for two miles didn't sound enticing.  We brought a lunch and just lounged and dipped our feet for a couple of hours before returning back.  I don't think we saw a single person on this trail.  Quite a change from our previous hike, Angel's Rest!


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