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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling on Molokai

Although not known for its great underwater activities, Molokai does offer some incredible snorkeling and diving.  At Fish Rain, for example,  you may see more fish than anywhere else Johann with the Manta Raysin Hawaii.  You may also see serious pelagics such as hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, humpback whales, and monk seals during your dive here.  The problem is that the best spots are centered on the small, offshore island of Mokuhooniki, off Molokai's east shore, where the lack of protection from wind and waves makes dive sites only accessible on perfectly calm days, which are rare.  The area is subject to very strong currents and dives are usually performed as drift dives.  Only advanced divers should sign up to go diving off Mokuhooniki.

   Luckily, many very good snorkeling and dive sites are accessible right off the beach!  One Ali'i Park offers mediocre snorkeling and very calm water for the beginner, but the best spots are the string of beaches heading east past mile marker 18 on Route 450, an especially at mile marker 20.  Halawa Bay is excellent, as is Moomomi Beach.  Kawakiu is good around the rocks, but is too dangerous in the winter.  For those staying at Molokai Ranch, Halena and Kolo Beaches along the south coast also offer decent snorkeling.

If you'd like a guide, Fun Hogs and Molokai Charters offer snorkeling tours, while Bill Kapuni's Snorkel and Dive Adventures offer scuba diving.   If you'd rather go it on your own, make sure you have a guidebook to help you find the best spots!  All of the ones below are rated highly and are available through on-line secure ordering.  Listed below the table are Molokai Dive Sites and Underwater Photos for you to view.

Diving Hawaii

by Steve Rosenberg
128pp., pub. 1995

Lonely Planet:  Diving & Snorkeling Hawaii

by Casey Mahaney
144pp., pub. 2000

Snorkel Bob's Reality Guide to Hawaii

by Robert Wintner
254pp., pub. 1997

Diving Hawaii and Midway:  A Guide to the Aloha State's Best Diving
by Mike Severns
256pp., pub. 2002

Molokai Dive Sites

Fish Bowl

Fish Rain

The Cove

Hole in the Wall

 Don't miss our sites on diving Kaua'i, Lana'i, Maui, Oahu, Niihau, the Big Island, and Midway!

Didn't answer all your questions about diving in Molokai?  Visit our Hawaii Message Board to find out!

Underwater Photos

Don't miss Hawaii Beneath The Waves, our underwater photo gallery from our dives in Hawaii!  If you still haven't had enough, check out the links in the table below to find more underwater photos off the coast of Maui, which are similar to what you'll see in Moloka'i.



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