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Seattle, WA and Portland, OR Team Handball

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We've got so many inquiries about team handball in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon that we've decided to start this page to help people looking for a team find each other - if somebody can take the initiative to get things started, there seem to be plenty of people interested!

To add your name to the list of interested handball players, or to remove your name from the list, click here.  If you add your name to the list, individuals who are interested in forming a team can contact you about playing!

Seattle Team Handball

It's finally here!  See the new Seattle Handball Club website!

Current Primary Contact:
Todor Avramov

Interested Players are listed Below.
  Add Your Name

Paul Faraca Aaron Fields
Danny Yarborough Jon DePerro
Senad Mustafic Arthur Banks
Lise Katrine Yukie Royall
Penelope Stone Matthieu Carre
Dave Schmitt Rob Collins
Renaud Lecouche Matt Barger

Georgiy Skoptsov

Juha Christensen
Steven Adler Isabelle Molamphy
Gisli Olafsson Jonathan Satcher
Josh Follette Laura
Tanja Zink Daryn Ureta
Logan Dahl Dennis Ibragimov
Darryn Urueta Shela C.
Banks Sarah Hallengren
Olivera Djurdjevac

Karl Shilhanek

Lidija Todorovic Adam Blanar-Oviatt
Nehal Robi Oscar Dicenta
Alexandra Keuck Decova Wright
Connor Hartley Fabian Bretau
Haydn Wooster Keith Smith
Brittany Aanstad Julie Baron
Justin Tuttle Philip Hughes
Jordan Lupfer Blake Ferrin
Natalie Massey  


Portland Team Handball


Website:  Portland Sasquatch

See Also:  Portland State University Team Handball Club
See Also:  Oregon State University Team Handball Club

Current Primary Contact:
Stephane Roux

Interested Players are listed Below.
  Add Your Name


Edwin Tsang

Kelsey Moore

Nicolas Reinier Daniela Weiss
Anna Casey Lisa Hawes
Kendra Richter Katja Freeborn

Horst Niehaus

Musa Harb
Paul Timmermans Dave Bahr
David Tauber Grace Ekstrom
Katrina Baranowski Justin Kenney
Gabe Bradley Davin Doggett
Adam Stonewall Katie Lehner
Jason Trabert  

Pacific Northwest Handball Events and News:

Submit a happening or upcoming event for Northwest Team Handball


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