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Timothy Lake Mtn Biking

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Latourell Falls Hiking





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Archives: 2003

The What's New section of this site is broken down into the following two sections:

These two links will take you to the information you are looking for.  What's New with us includes personal information and events in our life for friends and family.  Site Additions and Updates includes all updates performed on the site.  You can see when new pages, content, or slide shows are added, and when hyperlinks are checked and verified, among other things. 



What's New with us?

  • Sandra heads for Sweden to attend her ten-year middle-school reunion.  She was gone two weeks this time.  This is the second trip for her in two years without me.
  • We attended the screening of Warren Miller's new film, "Journey".  Warren was on hand for the first time in a couple of years, to give us the lowdown.  The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall was sold out for the show, as everyone (including us) got revved up for the upcoming ski season!
  • I took a trip to Denver, Colorado to sit for my Land Surveyor's Exam.  The test went well, and I got a chance to explore the city I hadn't been to in twelve years.  What a change! 
  • We headed out to the coast, doing some crabbing with Craig and Denise, and staying with them at their place in Naselle.  We all watched Sweden almost pull out a victory over Germany in the World Cup, and feasted on the 25 crabs we caught on a pretty blustery, choppy day on the Columbia River.  Thanks, guys, for a great time and for your true hospitality!
  • Sandra and the girls celebrated Jeannie's 40th birthday with a limo ride around Portland, along with dancing at Alexander's in the Hilton, dining and McCormick and Schmick's at Riverplace, and lots of fun!  We'll get photos up here as soon as we can!
  • We watched the semifinals of the World Cup soccer match between the U.S. and Germany as well as Sweden vs. Canada.  Sweden made it through with flying colors, but we were sitting in the Canadian section, so we were quite unpopular in the stands.  Oh well!  Go Sweden!
  • We headed south to Bend, Oregon for a night at the Eagle Crest Resort and some great mountain biking at Phil's Trail.  We headed most of the way to the Helipad before turning around.
  • We spent a wonderful weekend camping at Trillium Lake on Mt. Hood.  Mary and Dan, Mei and Brian, Candy and John, and Ken and Jeannette were along to make this a great trip.  We had a great campsite, lots of food and drink, great friends, and wonderful weather.  A great time was had by all.
  • We went for a hike at Wahkeena Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.  We hiked from Wahkeena Falls, past Fairy Falls, all the way to Multnomah Falls and back.  We had excellent weather for a great trail, and had a good time.
  • This labor day, we finally made the long-awaited trek through the Goat Rocks Wilderness.  For 25 miles, with around 5,000 feet of elevation gain, we trekked through the highest part of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington.  The weather was spectacular, and so were the views!  We'll be posting our photos here soon!
  • Gabe and I went caving at Deadhorse Cave near Mt. Adams!  With some belly crawling through Masochist Maze, we discovered some new territory! 
  • We hiked with Jeannie & Brian to Mt. Hood's Mirror Lake.  A little swimming, some incredible views (five snow peaks and what a view of Mt. Hood!), and some sunshine was just what we needed.
  • I passed my Washington PLS Exam!  What's next?  Colorado or Hawaii, I think.  Just planning ahead...
  • We spent a week in Miami Beach and the Florida Keys, hitting Fort Lauderdale and Key West, as well as getting in lots of sun and some scuba diving!
  • We spent the night at the Paramount Hotel in Portland, catching Mamma Mia!, the broadway musical featuring the songs of ABBA, and hit the town for dining, drinking, and dancing!  What a great time!
  • Sandra's family heads for home.  After being denied boarding on their flight, they end up flying first-class back home with an extra $400 each in their pocket.  They arrived home 6 hours later than expected, but it was worth it!
  • Sandra's Graduation!  It's Finally Over!  After finishing graduate school with a 3.9 GPA, Sandra took the walk, and we all cheered her on.  Afterward, it was party time!
  • As the high temperatures hit 95F, we all headed for the coast.  We drove the coast from Seaside to Newport, hitting the Tillamook Cheese Factory and Cape Lookout on the way.  We stayed a night in a condo on the beach in Gleneden Beach, did some shopping, eating,  and sightseeing (even some bodysurfing!), and headed home to more moderate temperatures.
5/31 - 6/3/03
  • The five of us travelled up to Vancouver for a night and Victoria for two nights.  We got a penthouse suite in Victoria overlooking the harbor (jacuzzi on the deck and Olympic Mountains in the background), and the best weather you could hope for.  Look for our photos and Vancouver and Victoria sections soon!
  • Sandra's mom, grandmother, and sister came to visit us for a month!  We all had a great time, and can't wait to see them again.  Next time, it's our turn!  Keep an eye out for photos!
  • We hit Washington's Wind River for some Class V white water rafting!  The river was outstanding, but our trip was overcast by tragedy.  Find out more about our Wind River trip by clicking here.
  • Snowboarding with our neighbor, Matt, at Mt. Hood Meadows.  A beautiful, sunny day with great spring corn snow and views of Mt. Jefferson and Three Sisters! See photos here!
  • We head up for a hike at Gillette Lake in the Columbia River Gorge.  The 5-mile round-trip was enjoyable, though not monumental, terminating at the lake bearing its name.  The way back was marked by a massive thunder and lightning festival, with torrential rain.  The rain was no big deal, but that lightning was not cool!  Photos are now included in the slide show, as well as some Bonneville Dam shots.

Site Additions and Updates

  • Added our Impressions of Denver.  After a trip out there, I had a few things to say about how the city has grown.  We also added more information about Denver, and the ability to save big on your next reservation!
  • Added an Idaho section to our site.  This is a small portion, since we didn't get to spend much time there, but you can read about our trip in March, 2002 with Brian, Jeannie, Jeff, and Salima to snowboard Silver Mountain and Schweitzer!
  • Major changes to the Columbia River Gorge pages!  We've added trail guides, complete with topo quads, trail reports, to-reach descriptions, GPS coordinates and more!  We've also added pages detailing the history and culture of the Columbia River Gorge.  Check out the new pages here!
  • We've added dozens of new stores to our site!  Now you can shop for books, outdoor gear, magazines, software, and much more!  The stores can be found by clicking on the links in the left-hand margin of the subject page.  They are still under construction, but they're getting close!
  • The Molokai, Hawaii site is finally here!  The Molokai portion of our site is set up similar to our Maui site, complete with a photo gallery and a trip report.
  • Updated sponsored links and pages for better report tracking.
  • We add The HP-48/HP-49 store to our Land Surveying Bookstore.  Here you can shop for your new calculator, accessories, books, and software, plus find free downloads and HP48 tips!
  • Major changes are under way!  We are phasing out frames on our site.  The new system using tables will allow you to never have to worry about being able to use your back button, and will make the layout much more consistent in all screen resolutions.  We had to remove the background texture from the side, top, and bottom border, because Netscape doesn't support background pictures in tables.  We also embedded our fonts in most of our pages so that everyone could see the pages as they were meant to be seen, without having to download any fonts.  All of these changes mean a little longer initial download time, but a much more pleasant viewing experience.  Let us know what you think!  So far the main site is all updated, but the slide shows may be awhile yet.


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