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Windsurfing on Maui

Windsurfing, also known as sailboarding, is one of the world's newest sports, and also one of the most thrilling.  Just watching the competitors at some of Maui's numerous tournaments is exhilarating.   People come from all over the world to test their skills against Maui's north coast, and none are disappointed.

Hookipa Beach, just past Paia on the Maui's north coast, is known as the windsurfing capital of the world.   The Aloha Classic is held here every fall, with prize money up to $10,000.  Other windsurfing events are held just down the coast at Kanaha Beach in summer.  Kanaha Beach has perfect gentle winds and waves for learning the sport and Kealia Beach in north Kihei is the choice of many.  Summer is best for windsurfing because of the wind characteristics.  Mornings are good for the novice as winds are lighter.  As winds pick up in the afternoon, the more advanced board riders hit the water.  Any windsurfing shop will point you in the right direction for location and gear according to your skill level.

The links in the table below will give you some insight into the thriving windsurfing scene on Maui, including places to rent gear and take lessons, professional windsurfers, and information about the sport.  After you've scoured the links and found a shop you'd like to go with, visit our Discounts & Bargains page to save big $$!

Action Sports Maui Hookipa Surf & Sail The Maui Windsurfing Report
Alan Cadiz's HST Hot Sails Maui Maui Windsurfari
Al West's Maui Vans & Lessons Center Island Unique Surf & Sailboards Maui Windsurf Company
Amp Ramp Hawaii Jimmy Lewis Custom Boards & Gear Maui Windsurfing Forecast
ARC Productions Windsurfing Videos J.J.'s Windsurfing Maui Neil Pryde Maui
Chris Calthrop's K48.com Sailboards Maui Second Wind Sail & Surf
East of Maui Maui Fin Company Simmer Sails
Extreme Sports Maui   Maui Hookup Tectonics Maui
Ezzy Sails Maui Quatro Hawaii Vector Fins Maui
Hawaiian Island Surf & Sport Maui's Sailing Sites Vela Maui
Hawaiian Pro-Line Maui Sports Unlimited Windsurf Cam
Hawaii Windsurfing News Maui Windsurf Company Windsurfing Action Maui
Hi-Tech Surf Sports Maui Windsurfing Online Windsurfing Maui
The Holy Grail of Maui Maui Windsurfing Reviews Windsurfing West


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