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Power Watersports on Maui

There has been a movement on Maui to ban power watersports due to the ecological damage that they can do.  Particularly sensitive to these craft are the humpback whales, which come by the thousands to calve in the Maui waters each winter.  As of March 31, 1991, all "thrill craft" such as jet skis, wave runners, and power boats are not allowed in west and south Maui waters during whale season, from December 15 through May 15.  However, you can still have fun with these items the rest of the year!


Jet Skis and Wave Runners
Imagine skimming across the water at 70mph plus, the spray hitting you in the face, your adrenaline pumping, and you hit a wake, jumping high into the air, flipping your wave runner and landing perfectly into a heart-pumping acceleration...  On Maui, you can rent these items from Maui Ocean Activities, Windrigger Maui, or Pacific Jet Sports.  Rates will run you anywhere from $45/pp for a half-hour to $70pp for an hour.   You must be at least 15 years old to operate a wave runner or jet ski by yourself, but if you are accompanied by an adult, you can ride. 

Tow Sports
You're being towed behind a power boat at 50+ miles per hour, slaloming, flipping, spinning, and hitting the wakes...either on a wakeboard, kneeboard, innertube, banana boat, or water skis, this can be exhilarating.  You can rent your own boat from Sea Escape Boat Rentals and enjoy these pulse-raising activities.  Check out our Aerial Thrills page for information on parasailing.  For wakeboarding and other tow sports, check out Wake Maui.

UFO Parasail Maui

UFO Parasailing Maui
Let UFO Parasail abduct you and take you for the ride of your life! Soar hundreds of feet above the spectacular Kaanapali coastline – a Maui parasailing experience you won’t soon forget!


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