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Maui: A Personal Touch

Throughout this site, you will find valuable information from a variety of tour agencies, visitors bureaus, and private organizations.  Though this information is very important, some of the most valuable information when planning a trip comes from the people who've been there.  This page has been split into two sections:  one for Maui Trip Reports from people who've been to Maui, and the other for Message Boards and Newsgroups, where people can share questions and answers about Maui.  You can also visit our own brand-new message board or read about our trip in 2001!


Maui Trip Reports

All the Wonders of Maui Diving in Maui Ken Poulton's Windsurfing Trip Report
The Allen's Maui Trip Doug and Dan's Trip to Maui Leo's Maui Trip
Andy's Travelogue Henshaw's Escape to Maui Marc Kouyoumdjian's Trip to Maui
Backpacking Texan's Hawaii Trip

Independent Traveler's  Our Trip to Kauai and Maui

Maui Bike Trip
Bill N Andy's Maui Trip Jacinth's Info Mine - Maui Mania Maui Bike Trip Report
Bob's Place - Maui Jan's Journeys- Marvelous Maui Maui Different Style
Collette's Trip to Maui Jason Hughes' Trip to Maui Mike Massee's Trip to Maui  
Combs' Hawaiian Trip Page Jesse Shaver's Maui Trip Paul Thompson's Trip to Maui
Cheryl and Greg's Maui Trip Jody and Anna's Trip to Maui Ted Marcus' Virtual Light Table - Maui
Dave's Trip to Maui for Deb & Troy's Wedding Joe Goes to Maui Virtual Field Trip Maui
Dive Atlas Scuba Report Kay Poe's Trip to Maui  



Maui Newsgroups and Message Boards

BKSA Open Message Board Maui Gateway Forums soc.culture.hawaii
Epinions.com Maui Maui.Net Forums Travelocity Message Board
Kihei, Maui Reviews Maui Windsurfing Reviews Travelocity Maui Reviews
Lahaina Message Board Paradise Maui Message Board Webshots Message Board


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