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Hawaiian Discount Car Rentals - Discounted Car Rental Rates on Late Model Cars in Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii.

Most visitors to Maui rent a car for the duration of their stay.  Rates are reasonable, less so in tourist season, and the convenience is well worth it.  If you prefer something different, many companies rent Harley Davidsons, Exotic Cars, and mopeds or scooters.  There is now a public bus system on Maui, so if you're planning on staying around town, and prefer to sunbathe at the hotel and shop at the malls to touring the island and seeing the sights, then the bus is probably an economical way to go.  Click on the links in the table below to read more about the various ways to get around Maui.

Car Rentals

By far the best way to see Maui is to rent a car.  There is no public transportation to speak of, except a few private shuttles, and taxis are expensive.  All the major car rental companies are represented here, and about Sandra on Maui's South Side two dozen others compete for the lucrative business.  It is recommended that you reserve your rental in advance, especially at high season.  The links below will help you to do so.  Make sure you shop around for rates, as they can vary dramatically,  especially at peak season.

We rented a Jeep from Alamo, which seemed like a good idea at the time.  However, unless you have somewhere in mind where you think you'll need 4-wheel drive, or you just love Jeeps, I would advise against it.  The roads on Muai are well-kept (except for a small portion of the rarely-visited southeast and south coasts, and the backside of West Maui), and we drove the entire island and never used 4-wheel drive.  The limited space in a Jeep is a hinderance to luggage packing and unpacking, and it's not particularly economical (fuel on Maui when we were there was about $2/gallon at a time when gas in Washington State was running under $1/gallon.).  The Jeeps are also zip-tops, which was a pain, and our zipper was broken, so once we got the top off, we couldn't get it back on!  Add to those inconveniences the fact that they cost twice as much as a car, and it doesn't seem like a very good deal.  However, the ride on the rough roads of the backside of West Maui and the roads past Oheo Gulch was probably more comfortable in the Jeep than they would have been in a car, though some people were driving the roads in their rental cars.  Make sure you ask the rental agency for restrictions on where you can drive.


There are about two dozen taxi companies on Maui offering tours as well as shuttle service.  The fares are expensive and metered by distance traveled (currently $3.50 per mile) and a ride from Kahului to Kaanapali is $85, and a fare to Kapalua from the airport is $100.  Suddenly $40 for a rental car doesn't seem like a bad deal!  Around town, expect fares in the $5-$10 range.  Limo rides from the airport are usually over $200 one way to or from Kaanapali.  Classy Taxi offers rides in renovated old cars from the 1920s and 1930s.  The links below will give you some information on some of the major taxi and limo companies, as well as rates, schedules, and vehicle information.   For a complete listing of taxi companies on Maui, check out  Taxi Services on Maui.




Motorcycle Rentals

Harley Davidson rentals are available from several vendors on Maui for around $100 for a half day and $140-$160 for a 24 hours.  You must be at least 21 years old, have a valid motorcycle license, and a major credit card to rent one of these babies.  FYI, there is no helmet law in Hawaii, though helmets are available.





Moped and Scooter Rentals

For running around town or down to the beach, mopeds are perfect.  They run about $15 for two hours, $25 for eight hours, or $125/week.  If you plan on any long rides or day trips, don't take a moped.  The drives are long enough in a car, and can be downright brutal on a moped, especially if the sky opens up.  For rates and information, check out the websites listed below.  Click here for a complete list of moped rentals on Maui.




Bus Service and Public Transportation

There is a new public bus service on Maui, run by Roberts Hawaii, along with numerous shuttle services operating from the Kahului Airport to South Maui and West Maui, between South Maui and West Maui, and within the resort developments of Kaanapali and Wailea.  The Kapalua Resort Association also runs the Kapalua Resort Shuttle from the West Maui airport.

South and West Maui Shuttle (Akina Tours)The free Whalers Village Shuttle runs along the Kaanapali strip about every half hour 9am-6pm, stopping at all major resorts, the golf course, and the Whaler's Village shopping complex.  Ask at your hotel desk for schedules.  The Lahaina Express shuttle runs from 9am-10pm, connecting various stops in Lahaina to Kaanapali.  The major pickup point in Lahaina is at the rear of the Wharf Cinema Center along Front Street.   

The Lahaina Express is also free.  The Wailea Shuttle is a complimentary jitney that stops at all major hotels and condos, the Wailea Shopping Village, and golf and tennis courts in Wailea about every 20-30 minutes from 6:30am-8:30pm.   

The West Maui Shopping Express runs two routes, both from Lahaina, one to Kaanapali and the other to Kapalua.  Stops include the hotels in Kapalua and Kaanapali, the Whalers Village shopping mall in Kaanapali, and the Wharf shopping center, Hilo Hattie, and the Lahaina Cannery Mall in Lahaina.  Buses run every hour or so from mid-morning until mid-evening for a fee of $1 each way.   

The South Maui Shopping Express makes three shopping runs each day from hotels and condos in Makena, Wailea, and Kihei to the Whaler's Village shopping mall in Kaanapali.  The fee is $15 one-way for adults, $5 one-way for kids, but the return is free with a receipt from one of the shops or restaurants.   

The old-style trolley-like bus, "Da Mall" Trolley, connects Wailea and Kihei to Kaahumanu Center, the Maui Mall, and Maui Marketplace in Kahului for your shopping pleasure.  This trolley operates every day except Tuesday and Wednesday, and makes three runs each way each day.  The fare is $6pp each way, but the return trip is free with a receipt from one of the mall stores.  Call (808) 873-7108 for information.

For those riding the Sugar Cane Train, free transportation aboard the Sugar Cane Trolley is available from Front Street and the Lahaina Harbor to the Lahaina Station.  Another trolley connects the Whalers Village shopping mall to the Kaanapali platform.  

 To get to and from the Maui Ocean Center from either Whalers Village in Kaanapali or a number of the hotels and condos in the Kihei/Wailea area, ride the center shuttle, $7 round-trip.  Starting at the Maui Prince Hotel, this shuttle runs to the center three times a day each way, once in mid-morning, the second in late morning and the last at mid-afternoon.  Call (808) 270-7000 or talk to your hotel concierge for the exact schedule.

The South and West Maui Shuttle, run by Akina Aloha Tours used to run from Makena to Kapalua, with stops at many places in between, but now the Maui Bus service has taken over that route.




Maui Maps

The maps in the table below will give you a good idea what you're looking at.  Maps are readily available in all the free tourist publications everywhere you look in Maui, including the airport and your hotel desk.


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